44% of companies say AI likely to replace employees – Spectrum News NY1

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Four in 10 companies say artificial intelligence is likely to replace some employees in 2024.
Among companies that currently use AI, 37% say they already laid off workers this year because they were no longer needed, according to a new ResumeBuilder.com survey released Wednesday.
Customer support is the top use for businesses that currently use AI or plan to start using it next year, according to the national survey of 750 business leaders representing multiple industries.
“Employing people full time to do customer service is expensive, so we’re seeing AI take over the chat. It’s AI first, and when you have a more complicated issue it goes to a person,” said Julia Toothacre, a resume and career strategist with ResumeBuilder. “It’s taking out the front-line customer service, which is great from an efficiency and financial standpoint, but not from a jobs standpoint. It’s a double-edged sword.”
Conducting research and creating document summaries are the second and third most popular uses for companies that already incorporate AI or plan to in 2024, according to the ResumeBuilder survey.
“I don’t think those two will necessarily replace people,” Toothacre said. “It will allow for more efficiency.”
While 44% of the companies surveyed expected AI would lead to layoffs in 2024, almost all of the businesses that plan to hire in 2024 say candidates will benefit from having AI skills. Four out of five companies surveyed said AI skills will help current employees retain their jobs.
“Employees need to find ways to grow their skills and stay relevant in their field if they don’t want their job to be given to AI,” Toothacre said.
Her advice for workers who may be concerned about AI replacing them: “Look up AI products for what you do regularly and see what’s out there so you know the capabilities of the AI,” Toothacre said. “That will either enhance your position and make you more efficient, which could look great to an employer, but it also lets you know if you’re replaceable.”