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ChatGPT became an overnight sensation late last year. So far, we’ve seen it in laptops, PCs, and even smartphones but the reach of AI is expanding constantly. The latest addition is cars. DS Automobiles, a brand of Stellantis, has announced the integration of ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence model, into its DS IRIS SYSTEM. This feature will be available across the entire DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, and DS 9 range.
Notably, even popular luxury car maker Mercedes Benz announced earlier this year that they are testing the use of ChatGPT in their production lines in order to expedite the process. Another big car maker GM has also confirmed that they are exploring ways to integrate ChatGPT. 
How will ChatGPT work in Cars?
ChatGPT uses language models to understand and generate natural and fluid interactions. It learns from vast amounts of data to answer a wide variety of questions and provide relevant information.
The DS IRIS SYSTEM, will use the ChatGPT AI to provide conversational experience in the vehicle. Like many modern cars, the cars will respond to voice commands. However, what changes is the quality and quantity of the responses. Essentially, this integration transforms the DS onboard voice recognition system into a digital assistant devoted to almost any questions asked by the driver.
Users can interact with the DS IRIS SYSTEM by saying “OK IRIS” or by pressing a button on the steering wheel. This allows for safe voice interaction without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.
New Dimension for interaction in cars
According to the car makes you can use the AI to ask for places you could visit during an afternoon in a tourist destination, to list the most beautiful works kept at the Louvre Museum, to invent a quiz on your favourite subject, or even to create a children’s story. All these ideas and much more can now be topics of conversation with the car’s AI.
Olivier François, Head of DS Automobiles, stated that their mission at DS is to provide customers with a unique onboard experience. As pioneers in integrating ChatGPT into the automotive world, they are making a generative artificial intelligence that is fluid, intuitive and immersive accessible.
Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis Chief Software Officer, expressed his fascination with how this conversational artificial intelligence model works. He highlighted that its ability to interact is one of the most striking applications of AI of the past year around the world.
Pilot Phase and Availability
DS Automobiles has inaugurated a “SoundHound AI powered by ChatGPT” pilot phase within Stellantis to assess the customer experience for the first 20,000 requests. The company claims the integration of ChatGPT with DS IRIS SYSTEM is offered at no extra cost over a six-month period if the subscription is taken out between 19 October 2023 and 29 February 2024. DS Automobiles doesn’t sell its cars in India but the parent company Citroen does. If successful, this new AI tech can make its way to Citroen cars and even other brands owned by Stellantis, including Jeep.  
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