ChatGPT Plus unleashes powerful new features: PDF Analysis and Automatic Tool Switching for an enhanced chat experience | Mint – Mint

OpenAI has rolled out a recent update to ChatGPT Plus, introducing two significant features that promise to enhance the user experience, further improving the AI chatbot. 
As reported by The Verge, numerous users of ChatGPT Plus have shared details about the platform’s latest updates. For those who might not know, ChatGPT Plus is an optional subscription offering access to an enhanced GPT-4 model and additional features like the Code Interpreter and ChatGPT Plugins.
In this latest update, a key feature has been introduced, allowing users to upload various file formats, including PDFs and documents. ChatGPT can now analyze these files, enabling it to provide answers to your questions and even extract and visualize data from them.
Another notable update coming to ChatGPT Plus is the introduction of automatic tool switching. When using this AI chatbot, users no longer have to manually switch between tools like Browsing, Advanced Data Analytics, Code Interpreter, and DALL.E. ChatGPT will now handle these switches automatically, though the option to switch tools manually remains available.
Reportedly, both these functionalities are presently available within the ChatGPT Enterprise plan, which was introduced back in August. However, OpenAI is incorporating these features into the independent ChatGPT Plus subscription through this update. For those unfamiliar, ChatGPT Enterprise provides enterprise-level privacy, security, and deployment tools. This ensures that the AI model used by OpenAI’s corporate clients does not train on business data or conversations, and the models remain unaffected by the usage within the corporate environment. 
Throughout 2023, the growth of ChatGPT has been remarkably rapid. The generative AI chatbot made a prominent entry in November 2022, capturing attention with its capacity to produce content spontaneously. Following its success, several rivals, including Google and Microsoft, introduced their own AI chatbots. As a result, OpenAI needed to innovate to sustain its position in the AI chatbot competition, and it has indeed achieved just that.
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