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I sought out relationship advice from two artificial intelligence chatbots, and their answers delivered similar messages in totally different styles.
I asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Meta’s Billie chatbot if I should move in with my boyfriend of three years. Both programs gave me helpful notes, but one felt like a more personalized experience.
Spoiler alert: My boyfriend and I have been living together for about four months, but I was curious to learn what we could’ve done differently to prepare for such a big change.
Billie, an AI chatbot made in the likeness of reality star Kendall Jenner, introduced herself as an “older sister and confidante” who has my back. Aside from the recognizable face, with her casual and short responses Billie made me feel like I was chatting with a friend rather than a robot.
She even asked me to “spill the tea” when I told her I needed relationship advice.
Meta created Billie and similar Instagram profiles with the familiar faces of celebs as assistants that people can consult on an array of topics like fitness, relationships, cooking, and more.
In our conversation, Billie brought up valid points about communicating with my partner, and she did it in a way that sounded like something one of my friends would say. It made it easier for me to digest her advice.
She pointed out his obsession with gaming as a red flag and suggested I talk with him immediately if it was getting in the way of him doing chores.
I took my relationship woes to ChatGPT, and my experience was totally different. I told the chatbot I needed relationship advice, and it answered with 11 general tips for navigating a partnership.
Right away, the lengthy answers were a bit overwhelming for me and felt more artificial than my conversation with Billie.
When I asked if we should move in together, ChatGPT listed 10 more “key considerations” that included our compatibility, long-term goals, finances, and more. It gave a similarly formatted answer when I asked about chores.
Unlike Billie’s, ChatGPT’s advice felt researched and impartial about my boyfriend’s preference for video games over household chores.
OpenAI first released ChatGPT in November 2022, and its presence has been felt across industries. It’s been used in educational settings, in offices, and to help develop code.
CEO Sam Altman has been candid about his approach to the future of AI. Earlier this month Altman spoke against humans building stronger friendships with AI than other people.
“We named it ChatGPT and not a person’s name very intentionally,” Altman said at the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live event. He said that OpenAI makes it clear that we aren’t chatting with a person.
Chris Cox, Meta’s chief product officer, pushed back on Altman’s take and said there’s also “room for more expression and more playfulness” in AI.
In the end, both programs wished me luck in my faux conundrum and sent me along with advice to talk more with my partner before making a decision.
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