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The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has introduced an AI chatbot on its website. It is designed to provide a “more intuitive and efficient way” to understand the CIOB, access information and explore its services.
The chatbot enables the CIOB website to deliver 24/7 support worldwide, so there’s no more waiting for business hours to get questions answered.
Radostina Georgieva, CIOB digital services manager, explained: “Our commitment to innovation and member satisfaction drives us to explore new avenues that enhance their experience with the CIOB. With the introduction of our AI chatbot, we hope to empower CIOB members with a more accessible, informative, and efficient means of interaction.
“We envision our AI chatbot evolving into much more than just a question-and-answer system. Our goal will be to develop it into a trusted virtual assistant, guiding users through processes like application, professional review, renewal, and more.”
She added: “You may notice that the chatbot is continuously learning and improving. Initially, it might not have all the answers, but it will learn from each interaction to provide better and more accurate responses. Your patience and feedback will be greatly appreciated as we work to make this service an indispensable resource for you.”
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