Citi Charts Path For Thousands of Coders To Experiment With AI – Slashdot

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as “person of the year” (for good or bad). Mark my word.
Gender is none of gov’s business. Get GOP out of our pants!
For me, the most interesting part is to hear that CitGroup has over 40,000 coders. That’s astonishing.
Since code assist AI can be a force multiplier for your own intelligence (it really matters how much you can think of to do with AI) and can improve productivity, using AI to assist in coding is going to just get more and more common. It won’t be a story soon, most places will assume you know how to use it to help you in your job instead of it being restricted.
As far as IP issues, or sales numbers, secret stuff, etc., that’s where the inhouse AI dataset comes in, that never leaves your compute center. Ev
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