Companies look to hire AI, ChatGPT experts, may pay up to ₹1.5 crores | Mint – Mint

As some worry about artificial intelligence ‘destroying’ humanity, others are rushing to make space for AI in the workplace. In spite of growing concerns about layoffs made necessary by technological advances, there are there are a slew of new and rather high paying jobs that have cropped up for those well versed with AI.
A recent study conducted by ResumeBuilder indicated that 91% of companies are looking to hire candidates well versed with ChatGPT. Meanwhile another report by Business Insider suggests that that companies on LinkedIn are willing to offer annual salaries of up to $185,000 to individuals proficient in ChatGPT.
ResumeBuilder surveyed around 1,187 business leaders (many of whom are currently hiring) to find out that 91% of them are looking for workers with ChatGPT experience. While 30% of them said that they were looking to so “”very urgently” or “somewhat urgently” others emphasised the benefits of such an employee. Most believed that such skills could bring a competitive advantage to their firms.

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In the months and years to come, AI may also replace hiring managers. The recent survey also indicated that 43% of companies plan to implement AI for conducting job interviews by 2024. While two-thirds of the surveyed group appeared to believe that AI interviews will increase hiring efficiency, nearly 15% said they would rely solely on AI throughout the hiring process. 
AI has grown at an astonishing pace in recent months, now able to hold human-like conversations in multiple languages, create music and pass medical exams.
It’s almost certain that AI will affect the next generation’s workforce. A 2020 report by the World Economic Forum predicted that 85 million jobs will be replaced by AI by 2025, while AI could potentially generate 97 million new roles across 26 countries.
(With inputs from agencies)
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