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Dukaan, a DIY e-commerce platform, has recently introduced an AI-powered chatbot for customer support. The implementation of this chatbot has resulted in the company laying off 90% of its support staff. The decision to introduce the AI assistant was aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing response time.
The founder and CEO of Dukaan, Suumit Shah, explained that the introduction of the AI chatbot has significantly improved query resolution time, reducing it from 2 hours and 13 minutes to just 3 minutes and 12 seconds. While this is definitely an achievement for the company, it came at the cost of letting go a significant number of support staff.
Shah acknowledged that the decision was a tough one to make, but a necessary step to optimize operations. The implementation of the AI assistant has led to an 85% reduction in customer support costs.
In response to concerns about the laid-off employees, Shah stated that he would provide further details in a LinkedIn post. He also mentioned that on Twitter, the focus tends to be on profitability rather than sympathy, highlighting the challenging nature of the decision.
Despite the layoffs, Dukaan is currently hiring for various positions in the fields of AI, e-commerce, and product design. Shah extended an invitation to passionate individuals to join their team, even jokingly mentioning the possibility of football star Lionel Messi joining them.
The use of AI chatbots has become increasingly common across different industries, as they help companies streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. However, it is important for businesses to find the right balance between technological advancements and employee well-being, ensuring a smooth transition to AI integration with empathy and care.