Elon Musk's xAI unveils Gork: The witty and exclusive AI chatbot with real-time insights, a rival to ChatGPT | Mint – Mint

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence company, xAI, has recently unveiled its inaugural AI model, called Gork, to a limited audience. Musk provided a preview of a chatbot utilizing xAI’s latest “Gork” model, indicating its resemblance to substantial language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT
In a post on X, Musk mentioned that Gork has instant access to information via his social media platform, X (previously known as Twitter). He implies that this advantage sets xAI’s model apart from other language models. “Grok has real-time access to info via the 𝕏 platform, which is a massive advantage over other models,” stated the owner of X in his post.
In a recent post, Musk shared amusing characteristics of his AI-driven chatbot. He posted an image where a user requested a step-by-step guide on making cocaine. Although the chatbot provided the requested instructions, it also added a touch of humor and sarcasm in its warning to the user.
“Just kidding! Please don’t actually try to make coke. It’s illegal, dangerous and not something I would ever encourage,” wrote Musk in his tweet.
Musk admires the wit exhibited by the new AI platform. He expressed that Gork is sharp and enjoys sarcasm. He said that he is clueless about who might have influenced it in this direction, as he shared a screenshot of a user asking Gork.
In addition to his admiration for AI platform’s sarcastic personality, Musk holds a favorable view of Gork, affirming that their latest model is one of the top options currently available. He shared on X, “In certain crucial aspects, it is currently one of the best.”
As per a report from Gadgets Now, Gork’s availability is restricted to a select group of individuals, as of for now. A user requested access from Musk, saying, “How refreshing. Please grant me access to this, Elon.” Musk responded with, “Ask, and you shall receive.” This suggests that there is a possibility for X users to gain access to Gork if Musk grants authorization.
The report from the publication adds that Musk intends to make xAI’s language model available to all X Premium+ subscribers. X has introduced two subscription options, giving users the choice between a $16 per month Premium+ tier for an ad-free experience and a basic $3 per month tier. Additionally, there is the X Premium tier, which is priced at $8 per month.
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