Hypebae Joins Future Fashion Summit To Chat Beauty, Identity and Style in Online Worlds – Yahoo Life

Hypebae journeyed to Paris for the Future Fashion Summit for an intimate conversation centered around the new faces of beauty. The Future Fashion Summit, helmed by Holly Wood, seeks to explore new style futures through the lens of AR, VR, gaming, AI and creative tech innovations.
The summit consisted of three panel conversations. The first welcomed Lucien Pages, Gala Marija Vrbanic of digital fashion hub Tribute Brand, Shreya Tyagi, an emerging technologies designer at Dior and Geoffrey Perez of Snap Inc. to chat all things fashion and emergent realities. Next, Sandbox shared how gaming is evolving and projects they have in the works such as Gucci Vault.
Finally, we were up for a talk titled “Face Lift: Innovating in Beauty.” We were joined by Ines Alpha, a 3D artist based in Paris who has worked on enchanting AR projects with the likes of Burberry x GQ, Koche & Pucci and Prada as well as Sylvie Macmillan, a UK based nail artist with an impressive client list inclduing Mugler, Hermes, Ferragamo, BOSS and more.
In an age where digital identity is becoming increasingly important, we discussed how gaming worlds can be affirming to self expression, how augmented reality is shifting beauty consumerism and the key brands such as Pat McGrath Labs, KIKI World and THE UNSEEN BEAUTY with their eyes set on the future of beauty.
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