I got a $120 parking ticket – they caught me dead to rights but I got out of it using ChatGPT… – The US Sun

A REDDIT user had rightfully received a $120 parking ticket, but cleverly used ChatGTP to have the fee waived.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more and more clever, with businesses across multiple disciplines utilizing the technology for various reasons.
A Reddit user posted to the r/ChatGPT subreddit admitting to getting a ticket they felt was justified but decided to try and use ChatGPT to plead their case.
"A few days ago, I received a parking ticket for a violation that I admittedly committed," the original poster wrote. "However, I decided to appeal the fine, hoping for a stroke of luck or a sympathetic ear."
"I asked ChatGPT to write an appeal for me, knowing I had no excuse to give," he said.
ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that analyzes natural language in order to create humanlike dialogue and can be used to write factual articles, social media posts, emails, and even code and essays.
When the user asked it to come up with an appeal to the parking enforcement agency, the result was definitely interesting.
"[ChatGPT] came up with the lie that I was involved in a personal emergency, it was all with no prompts from me," wrote the Redditor.
The email the program came up with started like any normal email a human would write before it took a turn.
"I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to discuss a parking ticket that I recently received and express my desire to appeal the fine associated with it," read the plea.
"I believe that a fair assessment of the situation would warrant a reconsideration of the penalty."
Next, the AI program decided to try and appeal to the emotions of whoever happened to be reading the email.
"At the time, I was experiencing an unforeseen personal emergency, which necessitated my parking in the area despite being aware of the restrictions," it read.
"The urgency of the situation left me with no alternative but to park briefly in that particular location."
The program went on to acknowledge that they knew it wasn't legal to park where the violation was received, but pleaded the user's case by mentioning that waiving the fee would help with their "current financial situation."
To the Redditor's amazement, the generated email fell on sympathetic ears, and his fees were waived.
The email response read: "Having considered the content of your letter and our internal review, as this is your first Parking Charge Notice appeal, we are prepared to cancel the notice."