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Two 19-year-old Indian boys who convinced ChatGPT’s Sam Altman to invest in their AI startup. Know all about their journey here.
DNA Web Team
Updated: Nov 01, 2023, 04:03 PM IST
Two 19-year-old Indian boys managed to convince OpenAI's Sam Altman to invest millions of dollars in their business. Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak, the two founders of the built an AI-powered browser system to complete tasks. 
The real question is, how were these teenagers able to get someone like Sam Alter behind their company? In an interview on Overpowered, Aryan Sharma revealed that this was possible due to their incessant nagging. 
Sharma has been sending emails to big personalities since the age of 14 seeking guidance. He also claimed that many of those people asked him to stop reaching out to them. The two bright minds then saved money and took a trip to San Fransico, where they would live at their friends' place and go to events where they could meet people like Altman himself. 
This continuous and long practice made strong networking possible for the young entrepreneurs and they were finally in the bandwidth of influential people in the AI ecosystem.  
After a lot of work, they were finally able to meet Altman. At the meeting, Sharma proposed to be his secretary to just be able to observe how he functions and learn from the tech giant. After that, they kept in touch and Aryan and Ayush reached out to Sam Altman during the funding rounds of their AI platform, Induced AI. 
Gradually, Sharma and Pathak, the two founders of the AI platform, Induced AI convinced several noted personalities of the industry to back their company such as Peak XV, Daniel Gross, and Nat Friedman's AI grant and more.
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