Nearly half of job interviews in the near future will be done using AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, survey says | Mint – Mint

ChatGPT and Bard are examples of some latest artificial intelligence tools which have changed a lot of things in the past few months and have the potential to revolutionize our imagination of the future. The concerns around ChatGPT-like tools replacing humans sound real and to make things interesting, companies are mulling over the idea to use artificial intelligence tools to hire people.
Resume Builder conducted a study recently which revealed that around 10% of companies are currently using AI interviews to select their prospective employees. The study adds that around 43% of companies plan on using AI technology for interviews in the coming future.
The survey revealed that two-thirds of the companies surveyed believed that AI interviews will improve the efficiency of hiring and more than half of the surveyed opine that ChatGPT-like AI tools will eventually replace the hiring managers in the near future.

The AI bias

The excitement around hirings through AI interviews goes down as the experts talk about how artificial intelligence tools can be biased. In the survey, 80% of the respondents said that AI may screen out some qualified candidates. Only 15% of the respondents believe that the hiring practice should be completely left to AI without any human input.
While talking to FOX Business, Stacie Haller, Resume Builder’s chief career advisor said that these chatbots are more advanced versions of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which also screens out candidates “but this technology has people interviewing with a bot which can be very disconcerting.”

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Stacie Haller said that for now, the candidates are not well-versed in interviewing with the bot which is quite different from interacting with another human being. “Most managers in our survey agree that it will most likely eliminate candidates that a human or ATS may not, but seem to be using anyway in an effort to speed up the hiring process,” Haller explained to FOX Business.
“Time will tell if this really accomplished the end goal of hiring the best candidates for the position or eliminates great candidates and moves forward more unqualified candidates resulting in a turnover,” she added.
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