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ChatGPT 4 is expected release somewhere in the next few months, which is not just better than the current ChatGPT 3 but also does a lot more. While there is no official confirmation on either the launch or beta testing of ChatGPT 4, it is likely to be one of the most capable AI-powered chatbot when it arrives. In fact, GPT 4 is already a trending topic on Twitter, with many users asking ChatGPT 3 about its successor.
Someone has asked ChatGPT to give some information on ChatGPT 4. According to the response, ChatGPT 4 will have 175 billion parameters just like ChatGPT 3. Similarly, it will be capable of text generation, language translation, text summarisation, question answering, chatbot, and the automated content generation just like the ChatGPT 3.
Asking #chatGPT to give the size of #GPT4!
GPT-4 is a large language model developed by OpenAI that has 175 billion parameters. This is significantly larger than the number of parameters in previous versions of the GPT model, such as GPT-3, which also has 175 billion parameters.
— CrazyTimes (@CrazyTi88792926) December 22, 2022
However, some reports claim that ChatGPT 4 will have a whopping 1 trillion parameters, which will make it even smarter.  The increase in parameters should enable ChatGPT 4 to produce more accurate responses at a much faster rate. When a user sends a query to ChatGPT 4, it processes it with all the 1 trillion parameters to deliver an accurate response.
– GPT-3 has 175 billion doodads
– GPT-4 has 100 trillion doodads
— Machiavelli’s Underbelly 🤖✨ (@mmm_machiavelli) December 26, 2022
With the increase in capabilities, ChatGPT 4 is also said to require more computing capability, hence, OpenAI might have to spend a lot more to keep ChatGPT 4 up and running, and a commercial application based on ChatGPT 4 could be slightly expensive side.
On top of these capabilities what differentiates ChatGPT 4 from its predecessor are the features like customer service and education. These hints that ChatGPT 4 will be a fined tuned version of ChatGPT 3, which will be optimised for commercial deployment in 2023.