OpenAI’s first-ever developer conference tonight: What to expect and where to watch – The Indian Express

OpenAI is all set to host its inaugural developer conference, OpenAI DevDay. This event is significant as it marks the first conference hosted by the company, offering an in-depth exploration of its technology. Notably, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was unveiled in November 2022, became a seminal moment in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
The DevDay conference aims to convene a multitude of developers and staff from the San Francisco-based AI titan. Attendees are reported to have the chance to preview new AI tools developed by the company. Furthermore, the one-day event is poised to be a confluence of developers from around the world, sharing their unique insights with OpenAI technicians.
openai devday is in a week–11/6 at 10 am
we have some great new stuff for you!
will be livestreamed on
— Sam Altman (@sama) October 30, 2023

The inaugural developer conference will act as a platform for developers to interact with OpenAI experts—a first for the company.
Developers are encouraged to ask questions during the keynote, share their experiences, discuss updates, and network with their peers. “As an exclusive feature of this year’s event, one of our forum members will be present at DevDay in person! While they’ll be fully engaged at the event, we’ve assembled a team of forum regulars to relay your questions to our on-site member, who may provide responses directly from the venue,” the announcement post on the OpenAI community forum read.
For those unable to attend in person, OpenAI will be streaming the keynote address on its official YouTube channel. The live streaming of the event will begin at 11:30 pm IST, you can watch it below.

Ahead of the one-day inaugural conference, Sam Altman teased on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account that the tech world can expect some ‘new stuff’ from OpenAI. The Silicon Valley is keenly observing the event, as Altman’s company has been instrumental in kickstarting the generative AI race. ChatGPT, a product of generative AI, has in recent months become one of the fastest-growing consumer applications worldwide.
The company is expected to announce significant updates focused on reducing costs for developers and introducing new vision capabilities. These advancements will likely allow OpenAI’s software to analyse images and describe them, enabling developers to create applications with new use cases in domains such as medicine and entertainment.
Another anticipated announcement is the refinement of GPT-4, which the company has stated would be arriving this fall. It is important to note that all these updates are designed to encourage organisations to integrate OpenAI’s technology – from AI-powered chatbots to autonomous agents.