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NEW YORK — Cover Whale Insurance Solutions, which caters to the trucking industry, has unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.
Dubbed B.O.B., the bot “is an embodiment of expert knowledge and agility,” a news release stated. “B.O.B. streamlines communication with agents and policyholders, crucially improving response times and supporting Cover Whale’s rapid growth. B.O.B., which is an acronym for “bundle of bots,” represents a collective of A.I. models trained to leverage Cover Whale’s extensive knowledge base.”
Cover Whale officials say B.O.B. is programmed to handle a spectrum of queries that originated from Cover Whale’s expanding base of commercial trucking insurance constituents, which also includes insurance agents and their independent-trucker and fleet-owner clients.
Distinguished by accuracy and dynamism, B.O.B. handles inquiries, including claims processing, quoting and binding status, loss runs and underwriting guidelines, along with other inbound questions and the conversations that follow.
“B.O.B. is built to outpace the industry-standard wait time with an impressive two-minute response threshold, all the while maintaining the voice of Cover Whale’s brand,” according to the news release. “B.O.B. is also enabled with optical character recognition to read inbound communications with embedded images.”
B.O.B. is designed to expand its knowledge and proficiency as it processes and gains insights from thousands of agent and policyholder interactions over time.
“Our commitment to superior customer experience has been foundational since Cover Whale’s inception,” stated Saira Taneja, chief experience officer at Cover Whale. “B.O.B.’s launch marks an important milestone on the continual journey of improving service quality and responsiveness.”
In alignment with its AI-focused agenda, Cover Whale recently appointed Darien Acosta as the industry’s inaugural chief AI officer, helming the company’s AI advancement and integration.
“Embracing our AI-first ethos, B.O.B. represents a leap forward in our goal to transform the landscape of commercial trucking insurtech,”Acosta said.
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