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Utrecht-based Watermelon, a startup specialised in AI chatbot solutions, announced on Wednesday that it has recently launched Kiesbot, an AI chatbot, facilitating vote choice for the House of Representatives elections. 
The tool provides voters with objective answers to their questions about the upcoming elections through popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.
The AI ​​chatbot knows the complete election manifestos of all political parties participating in the House of Representatives elections.
The chatbot provides voters with valuable information about the election manifestos of all political parties participating in the House of Representatives elections. 
By leveraging AI technology, this chatbot enables voters to ask questions about important themes and compare the positions of different parties. 
“Due to the major changes in Dutch politics, with strongly emerging new parties and new party leaders, there is a great need for clear information and clear differences between the parties. The Kiesbot has been developed to help both younger and older voters with the decision process. The chatbot can be used via both WhatsApp and Instagram, which makes the bot very accessible,” says Alexander Wijninga, co-founder of Watermelon. 

Whether it’s about improving the housing market, sustainable energy, or the discussion around artificial intelligence, Kiesbot has all the answers.
Kiesbot is powered by GPT-4 AI technology, offering an advanced chatbot experience. It also features ‘Document Scraper,’ which allows the chatbot to extract and absorb the contents of all 26 party manifestos, available as PDF files, into its knowledge database. 
It ensures that Kiesbot can provide immediate and accurate answers to questions related to the party programs.
Starting today, Kiesbot is available free of charge and in multiple languages through its website, Kiesbot.nl. 
Users can interact with the chatbot by texting questions to the number +31 85 004 3187 on WhatsApp. 
For Instagram users, a direct message can be sent to the ‘Kiesbot Elections’ account.
Founded by Alexander Wijninga and Charl Haas, Watermelon is a Dutch AI startup specialising in creating chatbot management software for businesses, allowing them to develop an AI-powered chatbot without programming it themselves. 
The primary goal behind this is to help companies save time and reduce their workload.
The Dutch company currently offers chatbots for services such as WhatsApp, Facebook chat, Instagram, or a website. However, the company aims to add more channels, including Microsoft Teams and Slack for internal company communication.
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november, 2023

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Silicon Canals © 2014-2023 | Design: Bright Idiots. Images: Depositphotos