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Will XRP outperform BTC in 2024? Let’s see what ChatGPT thinks about it.
BTC and XRP, albeit galaxies away in design and purpose, are two of the most heavily discussed cryptocurrencies in the industry.
The former is intended to serve as a decentralized payment system, and in time, its use case has mostly shifted toward protecting purchasing power amid global inflation woes and economic hurdles. Ripple’s XRP, on the other hand, is a tool for cross-border payments designed by a centralized company.
And yet, both BTC and Ripple’s XRP have constantly been part of the top cryptocurrencies.
Of course, BTC has always been in the lead as the number one coin by means of total market capitalization, and to this day, the gap seems tremendous. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that other cryptocurrencies can’t outperform it over a certain period of time.
Most recently, BTC’s price has soared on renewed spot Bitcoin ETF approval hype. You can find more about it here:
2024 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in the field of cryptocurrencies, and many believe that’s when a new bull run will come.
That’s why we decided to poke ChatGPT about a heated question – will BTC perform better than XRP? The AI-based chatbot provided some interesting insights, arguing that there are multiple factors to take into account.
Regulatory developments seem to be top on its list:
Any positive or negative regulatory news can significantly impact the price of a cryptocurrency. For instance, if a major country were to accept or reject a specific cryptocurrency, it could greatly affect its price and adoption rate.
There’s a lot going on this front for both coins. There are multiple filings for a spot Bitcoin ETF that are currently pending review and potential approval, with the hopes of it being as high as ever.
On the other hand, Ripple continues scoring win after win in its case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The trial is set for April 2024, and its outcome will likely have a massive impact on the price of XRP.
ChatGPT outlined a few other factors to take into account. These include:
In conclusion, the bot said:
Bitcoin, being the first cryptocurrency, has established a dominant position and is often seen as a store of value and “digital gold.” Its price is less influenced by its utility as a currency and more by its perception as a value store and hedge against traditional financial systems.
On the other hand, Ripple and its associated token, XRP, are focused on facilitating real-time cross-border payments for banks and financial institutions. Its value proposition is different from that of Bitcoin.
Meanwhile, if you want to check out some XRP price predictions for the last quarter of 2023, take a look at our recent video:

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