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UseChatGPT is a handy copilot extension for the popular AI chatbot. But what exactly can it do? Here’s everything that you need to know.
Copiloting is one of the most popular applications of AI currently following the demand for tools that can significantly improve our productivity. Courtesy of that, many tools have entered the market lately intending to serve this need.
UseChatGPT, like other AI-powered tools, is supposed to help you harness the power of large language models to improve your productivity. But, what unique features does it have, or is it just another tool ready to add bloat to our Chrome browsers? Let's find out.
UseChatGPT is a free Google Chrome extension that harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat, and Claude to enhance online productivity. It enables you to do simple repetitive tasks on any website, including writing, rewriting, summarizing, translating, explaining, and responding using AI.
As a result, you improve the speed and efficiency of your work without necessarily logging into, using, and copy-pasting text from the AI tools. All you need is to enable the extension, and a Notion-like digital terminal will appear on any text area you use.
UseChatGPT is free at the moment, making it a great addition to other free AI prompt extensions and a cheaper alternative to premium copilots such as Microsoft Copilot and Copilotly. Notably, it already has over 400,000 users, which is a cause for consideration.
To install and start using UseChatGPT, follow the steps below.
Besides using Free AI as your AI provider, you can use ChatGPT, OpenAI API, Bard, Bing, or Claude as your providers, but you'll have to log into your accounts for some of them.
You can achieve several things with UseChatGPT. Here are some of the main ones:
Generally, If you write a lot daily, UseChatGPT can help you maximize your productivity.
There are several advantages that come with using UseChatGPT:
While UseChatGPT seems to tick all the right boxes, it's far from perfect.
Overall, UseChatGPT is a resourceful copilot that can significantly improve your productivity at no extra cost. Considering its early stage in the development cycle, it's likely to get way better with time.
UseChatGPT is just one of the many AI tools coming up today, courtesy of the AI race. It has a simple yet functional design that can significantly improve your ability to utilize AI technology and consequently be more productive. If you want to improve your productivity, this tool is worth a try, especially considering it's free to use.
Meanwhile, there are many other alternative tools in the market you can consider, such as Microsoft's Copilot. However, it's important to keep in mind that these tools are only as good as your understanding of their functionalities.
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