You Can Get SheetsMagic for $50 Right Now and Integrate ChatGPT With Google Sheets – Lifehacker

SheetMagic integrates ChatGPT with Google Sheets, and you can get a lifetime subscription on sale for $48.99 right now (reg. $299). It uses your existing OpenAI account, whether you have the free or paid version.
SheetMagic lets you generate AI content from ChatGPT in bulk. If you have a list of keywords or requests that you want to input into ChatGPT, you no longer have to enter each one manually—instead, you can just use the “=AI(Write your prompt here) function in a spreadsheet and hit enter. And if you need help on how best to use SheetMagic, you can browse a variety of prompts in the included library.
You can get a lifetime subscription to SheetMagic on sale for $48.99 right now (reg. $299), though prices can change at any time.