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Ever since artificial intelligence became available to the public, ChatGPT has been one of the go-to services for many user’s AI needs. By now, millions of people have visited the Chat GPT website, and many more continue to do so. 
However, ChatGPT isn’t the only framework for AI – nor is it necessarily the best option out there. There are other sites that offer similar or even better services than ChatGPT.
In other words, you can easily find a ChatGPT alternative – if you know where to look. This article will help you in that regard by offering not one Chat GPT alternative but 10. Let’s explore some  ChatGPT competitors, both free and paid.
Rather than a single service, HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing copilot that offers an entire suite of AI solutions. Its services are available without a subscription, albeit the free plan comes with certain limitations. Still, HIX.AI is a good ChatGPT free alternative both due to its processing power and the range of functions it can perform.
The first service to mention is HIX Chat – a chatbot that functions much like ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, which is only available through the OpenAI webpage, this service is accessible through both the web app and HIX.AI’s Chrome extension. With web access, HIX Chat can cover practically any topic imaginable, answering even complex queries with up-to-date information in mere seconds. 
Better yet, HIX Chat can even answer your questions based on uploaded PDF documents. The chatbot service can also summarize web pages and YouTube videos on demand, making it incredibly useful for ease of access and web content comprehension. This feature allows HIX.AI to become a leading ChatGPT alternative for free.
As we mentioned earlier, HIX.AI also offers an all-in-one Chrome extension for a variety of purposes. For instance, it can automatically draft emails and replies in Gmail, generate AI content or improve your text in Google Docs, craft engaging posts and replies on popular social platforms, and more. All of these functionalities are available with one simple command – type //.
Even all of what we’ve mentioned doesn’t exhaust the capabilities of HIX.AI. It comes with a reliable ArticleGPT that can produce fact-based, SEO-friendly, long-form content, including product reviews and roundups, how-tos, news articles, and practically any other type of article. It also offers a comprehensive suite of 120+ useful writing tools, a powerful text editor, and even an email generator to assist users in every writing step. 
Although it has a free basic option, Chatsonic can’t be listed among completely free Chat GPT alternatives. To leverage all of the possibilities of this service, users would need to purchase a monthly subscription. But in exchange, Chatsonic offers numerous AI possibilities.
Of course, the service can produce written content on demand. For this purpose, Chatsonic uses Google Knowledge integration to maximize its chances of producing factual copies. The service can also write in 13 tones (called “personas”) and will even read its responses aloud upon request. 
Additional features of Chatsonic include AI-produced images, saving conversation settings, a Chrome extension, and an Android app. All these facets make Chatsonic rank among the top websites like ChatGPT.
Microsoft Bing has gone through significant revisions in the latest version. The former search tool second only to Google now integrates artificial intelligence and is starting to count among the alternatives to ChatGPT worth considering.
Powered by GPT-4, Bing can provide advanced answers to user queries. Furthermore, it can do so in three different styles: Creative (which focuses more on storytelling), Precision (which tries to provide the most accurate information), and Balanced (which finds the middle ground between the other two).
As one of the leading Chat GPT competitors, Microsoft Bing can conduct advanced online searches based on specific keywords and produce accurate results while citing relevant references. As a downside, Bing might not be as fast as some other alternatives.
YouChat represents an AI chatbot within the You search engine. It’s been active since 2022, receiving a significant upgrade in early 2023 – YouChat 2.0. This chatbot has been flying under the radar compared to some other options, but has proven to perform exceptionally well.
The advantage that YouChat offers compared to ChatGPT is its so-called multimodal functionality. This effectively means that the chatbot can receive and produce information in forms other than pure text. In particular, YouChat boasts an advanced language learning model that incorporates textual, app, and link input and output. In contrast, the publicly available version of ChatGPT can only process text.
Starting with the obvious, if you’re looking for a Chat GPT free alternative, you won’t find it in Claude. Purchasing the paid plan is practically necessary for any significant results. However, this companion software boasts powerful AI that may justify the expense.
Claude is available as a chat or in API form. It’s best used in a supportive role, where it can look up information and provide text summaries quickly and efficiently. Although it can be quite creative and handy, Claude doesn’t precisely function like other websites like Chat GPT.
The latest update to the chatbot, Claude 2, is of particular note. Although the update launched relatively recently, it has shown even more potential than the latest version of ChatGPT.
As a content creation tool, Jasper is hardly a new addition to the market. In fact, the service has become relatively well-known for generating decent content. Today, Jasper has the Jasper Chat service, an interesting alternative for users looking for other AI like Chat GPT.
The chatbot can be used for free, albeit with numerous limitations. The reason? Jasper Chat is intended primarily for business users, which is why its full features are locked behind a costly subscription plan. The price might be worth it for some because Jasper Chat can be a very proficient conversationalist.
However, it’s worth noting that the dataset used to train the AI is a bit outdated. The information that forms the basis of Jasper Chat is from early 2021 and thus less competitive with other ChatGPT alternatives.
Although the functionality of Perplexity AI may be questionable, one thing makes it a very interesting alternative to ChatGPT. Namely, Perplexity AI is completely free. It’s also very user-friendly and may produce straightforward answers to queries.
Additionally, this chatbot has received some recent upgrades. It can now produce source citations and follow up the initial query with additional questions for clarification’s sake. Yet, it still has some drawbacks that can’t be ignored.
Perplexity AI isn’t capable of retrieving previous responses, which is a major downside when compared with ChatGPT. The data that the chatbot produces can have issues with plagiarism. On top of these problems, Perplexity AI also has a limited suite of features, preventing it from becoming one of the leading alternatives to Chat GPT.
Although the artificial intelligence provided by Google may sound like a formidable alternative to all other services, Google Bard actually falls behind some other options on several accounts.
Google Bard is currently in an experimental phase. While its LaMDA model could power an AI like Chat GPT, the service hasn’t reached quite that level yet. As a result, Google Bard is exceptionally fast and reasonably creative, but with considerable downsides. The service is often guilty of plagiarism and inaccuracy, and it won’t give a list of resources for its responses. 
However, Google Bard might still have some promise, due to the tech powerhouse behind the service. In its current state, it’s still not the best alternative to ChatGPT.
As a ChatGPT alternative, Auto-GPT requires the user to have a certain understanding of Python code, but may be a superior app for those with the right know-how. The secret? Auto-GPT has something that many chatbots lack: semi-autonomous functionality.
For example, when working with ChatGPT, a user will need to provide the initial prompt as well as any follow-ups. On the other hand, Auto-GPT allows you to set the desired goal and let the chatbot do the rest of the work. The chatbot will then provide additional prompts and relevant responses.
While it might not seem like a fully fledged chatbot, Copy.ai has plenty to recommend it as an alternative to ChatGPT, for at least some of its functions. For example, it can summarize any text when given only the URL address. 
The primary use for Copy.ai, though, is tied to content creation. The app can write content in any tone, making it highly customizable. Also, users can organize their projects into folders and store them all in the online database. 
Copy.ai has a limited free version. The paid mode’s pricing will depend on how useful you find the additional functionality – no word count or project limit, additional writer’s tools, automated processes, and access to state-of-art GPT-4.
Alternatives to ChatGPT will certainly continue to grow in competence and performance as technology progresses. As it stands now, rare services like HIX.AI can compare to ChatGPT in terms of functionality. Of course, plenty of obstacles will need to be overcome before a single app dethrones the powerful chatbot completely.As a promising solution, HIX.AI presents a likely contender in the race, particularly due to the massive range of available services on the platform. Even when compared solely on account of its chatbot function, HIX.AI gets quite close to ChatGPT. If you want to see it in action, don’t hesitate to visit the HIX.AI platform and try some of its many features.
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