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5 ChatGPT productivity prompts to get more done today
If you could finish your entire to-do list each day, you’d be unstoppable. Your business would grow, opportunities would open, and your output would be supercharged. If only it were that easy. An entrepreneur’s work never seems to be done, and doing anything is challenging when your focus and attention aren’t playing ball. What’s the trick to being more productive? Getting help however you can. Find the framework that works for you to remove any blockers to making progress.
Here’s how you prompt ChatGPT to help you become a more productive person. Open a new chat, paste in the prompts and personalize with your information. Re-prompt for edits or take the advice on board.
Before adding any processes into your week, perform a subtraction exercise. What does this mean? Elimination of the nonessential so you can focus on what matters. Doing less, but doing it better. Chances are that obligations, commitments and unnecessary tasks have crept into your week, and they’re zapping your time and energy. Identify time-wasters and get a cold hard audit of your to-do list using this prompt for ChatGPT.
“My biggest time-wasters during the day are [list your primary time-wasting activities, including those you should delegate or automate]. To help me manage my time better, suggest which items I eliminate from my schedule. For the rest, tell me how I delegate them or reduce these distractions.”
Whenever I look at my to-do list I ask myself one question. “What will make the most difference to my business?” Then I do that thing first. I keep asking that question until it’s time to close my laptop. But without a north star, without a grounding question, prioritization becomes impossible. Ordering that new camera is important, but does it come before that landing page copy task? A business friend needs to know when you’re free for lunch, but can it wait until you’ve solved a challenging customer service problem? When you’re overwhelmed with everything there is to do, get ChatGPT to help you make your plan.
“I often feel overwhelmed because [describe what makes you feel overwhelmed, e.g., too many tasks, lack of organization], but I want to achieve [describe your ultimate goal]. What is a mantra or method to help me prioritize my daily tasks effectively? Tell me how I can use this in practice, to always do the most important thing first.”
Energy ebbs and flows throughout the day, and when levels are high you shouldn’t let it go to waste. But the highs and lows hold patterns, and paying attention is worthwhile. Some tasks are perfect to do at specific times, and terrible at others. Your attention span, proximity to lunch or simply where the sun is in the sky can dictate which work projects are best to tackle at which time. Ask ChatGPT for help aligning your workload and energy with this simple prompt.
“I feel most energetic during [describe the time of day or situations when you feel most energetic], and least energetic [explain when this tends to happen]. Today, my fixed commitments are [add details of your day’s schedule]. How can I align my most crucial tasks of [explain your most crucial tasks] with these high-energy periods?”
Procrastination is an avoidance tactic masking a bigger problem. The issue isn’t social media, the issue is why you’re checking Twitter instead of doing the sales outreach you know you should do. The problem isn’t your colleague calling you, it’s that you didn’t set boundaries to prioritize your own work. Identify your procrastination triggers and get a new plan; one that brings you back to your main priority and removes all excuses to getting it done.
“I tend to procrastinate when [describe the situations or types of tasks that make you procrastinate] and it causes me to [outline the activities you procrastinate with]. What can I do to catch myself doing it, overcome these triggers and get into action?”
There are countless tricks for accessing finer focus, so find the one that works for you. Setting a pomodoro timer, closing your email program or locking yourself away for long periods of time might be the intervention required to just get on and do. Giving ChatGPT details of your focus struggles will lead to personalized recommendations of tactics to try. Crack focus, and the rest is easy.
“I find it hard to focus when [describe the conditions or situations where you find it hard to focus]. What techniques can I employ to improve my focus and concentration?”
Become the most productive version of yourself to remove all blockers to your success. Get more done by better managing your time, prioritizing properly, harnessing your natural energy peaks, mastering procrastination and accessing deeper levels of focus.
If you’re intentional about being productive, ChatGPT can help you get there. Ask for help, apply the methods and make it happen.