5 ChatGPT Prompts To Feel Invincible At Work – Forbes

BRAZIL – 2023/01/30: In this photo illustration, the ChatGPT (OpenAI) logo is displayed on a … [+] smartphone screen. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
When you feel powerful, you act in powerful ways. You bring your best self to conversations, you do your best work. You show up as the version of you who can make more money and a bigger impact. But left to your own devices, this version of you might not persevere. The day’s events will wear you down. Other people will grind your gears. Challenges will take their toll and you might start to question if you’re cut out for the journey. But you are.
When you feel like you need a personal cheerleader, but don’t want to ask your friends, enter ChatGPT. Use these 5 prompts to dig into your feelings and transform them, for the benefit of your life, work and happiness.
People are creatures of habit and they act in predictable ways. When you feel unconfident, chances are you will do the same things you always do, whenever you feel this way. You’ll reach for the same foods and YouTube channels. You’ll say the same unhelpful lines to yourself. You’ll start down suboptimal paths and wire those routes into your subconscious mind. Making a change starts with identifying these loops, so you can make the interventions that will transform your mindset once and for all.
“When I am feeling unconfident it’s often because [describe why you might feel unconfident] which means I [describe what you do when you lack confidence] which results in [describe the reactions to this behavior]. Suggest three simple confidence exercises that will help me feel confident so I stop behaving in this way.”
If a friend asked for your help in overcoming a challenge, you wouldn’t knock them back down. You wouldn’t ridicule and berate them. You wouldn’t remind them of all the times they had failed in the past. So why do you do it to yourself? Most of us are good at helping friends feel better. We’re terrible at doing the same with the person in the mirror. Our negative self-talk affects how tall we walk and how audacious we are with our requests. Instead, get ChatGPT to help you master the art. Replace those negative sentiments with ones that will empower you. Use this prompt and repeat those new phrases.
“When I’m doubting myself, I tend to say things like [list the negative things you say to yourself] to myself. How can I rephrase these into positive affirmations that make me feel unstoppable? Give me some alternatives for each one, from gentle reminders to tough love.”
Take big risks, get big rewards. But this doesn’t always feel easy. In between you living your most audacious life and who you are right now is a whole lot of fear. Fear leads you to act small, knock on fewer doors, and miss out on your full potential. Name your fears so you can remove them. Take actionable steps to conquer them once and for all. Feel the full extent of your capability in your role. Remember there is nothing to be afraid of and show up to every meeting and call with conviction.
“I avoid taking risks because I fear [describe your specific fears]. This has led to [describe missed opportunities or setbacks]. What are some actionable steps to conquer these fears and seize opportunities?”
Athletes don’t often miss out on championship titles because of technique, strength or ability. They miss out because they lose the mental game. Because something gets to their head. The crowd, the pressure, or the competition. It plants the seed that they might not be capable, and this affects the maneuvers they’ve made thousands of times in training. Don’t fall into this trap. Win the mental game in everything you do. Notice your emotional responses to negative feedback, unexpected rejections or difficult clients, and build your mental resilience so they don’t hold you back.
“When faced with setbacks, my initial reaction is [describe your emotional response]. How can I develop mental resilience to bounce back stronger and feel invincible? Give me some tactics to incorporate into my day.”
Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey without people around you who understand. You’ll be called intense, obsessed, weird, and geeky, and you’ll believe they are undesirable characteristics. You’ll play down your strengths and hide your powers. Find similar people to never feel ostracized again. See how your business can grow when you support each other to achieve. Feel the power that peer support can bring, and spot the huge knock-on effects to your business endeavors. Use this prompt for a helping hand.
“I feel most supported when [describe situations or people that make you feel supported], but lack support when [describe when you feel unsupported]. How can I build a strong support network to make me feel invincible?”
Train ChatGPT as your personal AI coach to give you the motivation you need to do your thing. Go from feeling unconfident and overwhelmed to completely sure you can change the world. Transform your low confidence and master self-talk. Conquer your fears, win the mental game, and find your tribe. Get back on track without wasting any time. Prompted well, this tool could be the missing link you’ve been waiting for.