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5 ChatGPT prompts to overcome challenges like a pro
When you’ve achieved that feat you never thought was possible, and you’ve silenced every critic, you’ll be grateful you overcame those challenges along the way. You’ll feel proud that you powered through despite failure and setbacks. That day will surely happen. But reaching this point means carrying on right now.
When progress is stalling, problems are cropping up out of nowhere, and nothing seems to be going to plan, get the support you need to persevere. Ask ChatGPT for help overcoming challenges and failure to set you back on the path to success.
You will fail countless times in your mission. At multiple checkpoints it will look like you won’t make it. The odds will seem to be ever stacked against you. And yet, some people seem to always find a way. Join their resilient ranks with this ChatGPT prompt and reframe the failure. Find the silver lining and continue on like it’s no big deal.
“I’ve encountered a significant setback in my business recently, specifically [describe the failure]. It’s disheartening, but I believe there’s a way to reframe this failure positively. Help me see the silver lining by suggesting five different perspectives or opportunities that can arise from this setback.”
This question separates victims from heroes. And in the movie of your life, you are a hero. So act like one now. Whatever setback you encountered today, channel it through this guiding question. Once you’re reframed any failure, turn adverse news into something positive. If finding the way forward seems too difficult, get a helping hand from ChatGPT using this prompt. In a year from now your life could be unrecognizable, as long as you play the cards you’ve been dealt in the best possible way.
“I’m facing the business challenge of [describe your challenge]. Right now it feels difficult but I can turn it around positively as long as I move forward with intention. Answer the question of “How can I use this challenge to my advantage?” to give me five ways I could turn it into something that leads to success for my business.”
Much of the advice we hear is biased. People on the internet have courses to sell, old friends have hidden agendas, and your hairdresser just likes a drama. But if someone knows your overarching mission, they will advise you based on that. Explain it to ChatGPT to hear friendly, unbiased advice in an instant. Agree with their guidance, change your disposition, and get back to changing the world.
“I’m currently grappling with a challenging decision in my business, which is [describe the decision]. I’m looking for empathy and advice from someone who understands my ultimate goal of [describe your ultimate goal] and can reassure me this challenge is temporary and inspire me to use my resources to get through it. Act as my supportive confidant and provide me with guidance and insights on how to approach this situation.”
You got to where you are right now despite those failures that cropped up in your past. You’ll get through more to reach new heights, despite how bleak today may seem. Ask ChatGPT to create links between times where you failed and where they led. Uncover the teachings of your former trials and get a useful reminder that you can do it all again.
“Along my entrepreneurial journey so far, setbacks have included [describe your main setbacks]. Today, I have achieved [describe your main achievements to date]. Help me connect the dots and see how my past failures have paved the way for my current successes, creating a narrative of growth and resilience. Highlight key teachings from my failures that have helped me get to where I am today.”
Sometimes motivation is all you need, but mostly progress warrants a proper plan. Tackle a big challenge the best way possible, with one small step at a time. ChatGPT will create those steps after you provide this simple prompt. Ask for them by hour, day, week or month, then get to work with following orders. Breathe a sigh of relief that, by the end, the challenge will be overcome and you’ll be somewhere great.
“I’ve identified a significant challenge in my business, which is [describe the challenge]. To overcome this obstacle, I need a structured plan of action. Please outline a step-by-step strategy or action plan that I can follow to address this challenge and work towards a successful resolution of [describe your desired outcome if you have one].”
Some days things will go your way and others it will feel like the world is out to get you. But it’s really not. Get your head in the game by reframing failure, using adversity to your advantage, and getting friendly advice from someone who understands your mission. Consider that past failures set you up to tackle current ones, and get a step-by-step plan to get back on track.
ChatGPT can’t solve your problems, but it can help you solve them for yourself. Find the excuse to succeed that’s temporarily gone awry. Prove you can do it, to yourself and everyone watching.