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5 ChatGPT prompts to spark game-changing ideas for your business
What’s the difference between companies that thrive and those that stall? Great ideas. And lots of them. Having game-changing ideas for your business unlocks products, partnerships, and potential. New things to try, new doors to knock on. New ways to make waves along the route you’re already traveling.
ChatGPT can help you come up with game-changing ideas for your business using these 5 simple prompts. Turn off all notifications and see what you can co-create. Open up ChatGPT and use the same chat for each prompt, so the context is carried through.
If you had unlimited resources, what could your business achieve? We rarely think in the limits because they seem unattainable. But this thought experiment might unlock new sources of inspiration. Unlimited money, knowledge, people and power. How could everything you do right now reach an unlimited level? Describe your business within the following prompt.
“I’m currently imagining a scenario where my business, [describe what your business does and for whom] has access to unlimited resources and manpower. In this dreamlike situation, I want to explore how I can generate groundbreaking ideas. Provide me with five innovative concepts or strategies that I could pursue with these unlimited resources to revolutionize my business.”
Whatever industry you’re in, it will have problems. Digging deep enough will uncover those issues that no one has questioned or tackled head-on. Find them, and come up with ideas to eliminate them for good. If a problem is big enough, there will be huge value in solving it. Ask ChatGPT for some crazy ideas that might just work.
“One of the key challenges in my industry is [describe the unsolved problem]. I believe there’s an opportunity here, but I need fresh ideas. Help me brainstorm five innovative solutions or approaches to address this long-standing challenge effectively.”
You only know what your customers tell you, and what you happen to find on the internet about your company. But they are having conversations in their homes and when they are out with their friends. Their biggest frustrations could be your biggest source of new ideas to change your game. Ask ChatGPT to transcribe a pretend conversation, so you can see what they are saying and read between the lines. The more detail you include in this prompt, the more accurate the conversation will be.
“Provide me with an amusing and useful transcript of a hypothetical debate between three of my customers, where they are talking about my business, which they use to [describe the value it adds to them]. For context, sometimes customers tell us [include several examples of customer feedback] and some known challenges in my business are [include challenges or weaknesses]. Include an introduction and viewpoint of each person in the debate before it starts, and play out the conversation as if they are each having problems with our service. Give insights and suggestions that emerge from this discussion, focusing on ways to improve my business.”
Your business plays an undefined role in the future. Your actions right now govern the next month, year and decade. Imagining what this future could look like will give you ideas for what you could do. For how you can serve your customers better and find new ways to grow. ChatGPT can help this visualization with a simple and futuristic prompt.
“I’d like to project my business into the future to stay ahead of the curve. Pretend we have fast-forwarded ten years and describe how my business has evolved to thrive in the changing landscape. Highlight five key strategies or innovations that have led to my business’s success.”
Joining forces with other people has the potential to supercharge what you’re doing. But who do you approach to join your ride and what does that partnership look like? Let ChatGPT give you ideas for partnerships beyond those you’ve already considered. Now it knows about your business, it might suggest something that could just work. Hear its suggestions and put the feelers out there. You never know.
“I’m open to exploring unexpected partnerships that could spark innovation. Help me envision a collaboration with a completely unrelated industry or entity. Describe how this partnership results in novel ventures or products that could disrupt my industry and drive my business forward. Give five options.”
Get some creative help in coming up with new ideas for the business you already run. Put more energy in the direction you’re already going and feel inspired to do so. Imagine that unlimited resources exist, tackle problems no one else goes near, and eavesdrop on a conversation with your customers. Transport to the future and enter into unlikely collaborations. Which one of these might secure your ongoing success?