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ChatGPT isn’t advanced enough to take over jobs (yet), but it could make the job you’re doing a lot easier. One of those jobs the app can simplify is dropshipping.
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If you haven’t heard of dropshipping, it’s when the seller of a particular item doesn’t actually house any of the inventory themselves.The seller has a store, but rather than shipping items to the customers, they purchase it from a third-party who ships it to the customer from their location. How can this be made simpler with ChatGPT to earn more money? Here are some tips.
If you’re not sure what to dropship, ChatGPT is there for inspiration. YouTuber Sebastian Esqueda says in his video How To ACTUALLY Dropship Using ChatGPT that you can consider upcoming holidays, then ask ChatGPT, “What are some good products I can dropship for X holiday.”
Once you do that, Esqueda says ChatGPT will provide you with niches you can sell in. This will give you a list of general products, which he says you can then type into ChatGPT, “What exact products can I sell that can be sourced on [place you’re buying from] for [holiday].” Esqueda says that will then pull a lot of different products that you can actually sell.
Say you’re selling a product that you’re not super familiar with, or haven’t used before. YouTuber Ac Hampton says you can use ChatGPT to find out what your product is commonly used for, and why people usually buy it.
“For example, for setting up this product page with a planting auger, I’m going to head over to ChatGPT and ask it to tell me five benefits of using a planting auger while gardening and put this on my store,” Hampton says in the video, Using ChatGPT To Create A HIGHLY-PROFITABLE Shopify Dropshipping Store. This way, you can be more specific about how customers can use your product and the direct benefits to them.
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Maybe you’ve written a basic product description, but want to make it pertain to a specific season or event. In Esqueda’s video, he recommends using ChatGPT to use this flair.
He uses the example of Valentine’s Day, and puts the basic description into ChatGPT, then asks ChatGPT to make it sound more romantic. Now, you have a unique description that also fits the tone or emotion you’re trying to evoke.
Want to grow your dropshipping business? ChatGPT can help with that. In the same video referenced above, Esqueda says you can directly ask for ChatGPT to help you market your store. He recommends asking ChatGPT, “How can I market my business on TikTok?” ChatGPT will then deliver several ideas that you can use to grow your marketing.
To get even more specific, Esqueda says to ask ChatGPT, “What is a simple paid ad strategy I can use to get purchases for my dropshipping business?” This will give you an exact blueprint to creating an ad on TikTok for your store. “ChatGPT is like a simplified version of Google that you can really use to your best abilities,” Esqueda says in his video. It can even deliver examples of ads that have worked for similar items you’re trying to sell so you can implement those for your store.
Esqueda says that before ChatGPT, if you were going to dropship, experts recommended buying apps to use in your online store, such as a sticky “add to cart” button. Now, he says you can just ask ChatGPT to give you the code for that action, rather than paying for the app.
For example, Esqueda says you’d ask ChatGPT, “Write code for a sticky ‘add to cart’ for my Shopify store and give me instructions for how to install it.” He continues, “It’s going to write the exact code that we need to use for a sticky ‘add to cart,’ which is ridiculous because you used to have to pay, you know, $5 a month, $10 a month for this exact app. And now, it’s just code that they hand over to you.”
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