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OpenAI’s ChatGPT app for iPhone can do more than what its website can, and here’s why you should install it.
In November 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public, which kickstarted a hefty AI arms race pivotal enough for the history books. To keep the momentum going, OpenAI launched the ChatGPT app for iOS in 2023.
If you're an iPhone user, you're probably curious about the features OpenAI has baked into its app. Below, we'll discuss everything you can get in the ChatGPT iOS app that puts it a notch above its website.
Voice input has probably been the most anticipated feature ever since the launch of ChatGPT, and it's finally available in the iOS app through OpenAI's open-source speech recognition system called Whisper. While you can already use Whisper in Windows to turn voice into speech, it's a first for iOS devices.
The advantages of voice input are endless, and the benefits are amplified even more so when paired with the powerful skills of the AI-powered chatbot. You can converse with ChatGPT while performing other tasks using voice input.
It is considerably faster and less tedious than typing long texts, eliminates the need for punctuation and spelling, and better mimics a natural human conversation. Moreover, it is especially beneficial for anyone with physical impairments that restrict them from using their hands, promoting inclusivity and equal access for everyone.
To use voice input in the app, all you have to do is tap on the microphone icon in the Message bar, and your recording will begin. Tap anywhere in the blue area to stop recording, and the app will automatically convert your words into text. Then, tap the blue arrow to send your message.
When using the ChatGPT website, one would repeatedly have to go through the cumbersome process of opening a browser, launching a website, and logging in before actually getting to use it. The ChatGPT iOS app eradicates the need for such a lengthy process as the app is available to use at a single touch and is right at your fingertips, much like any other app.
Apart from a much-needed improvement in accessibility, the app also offers a sleek interface and a clean layout, making your experience incredibly convenient. As soon as you tap on the app's icon, the first page that opens up is the chatbot itself. There are no other tabs and pages you need to browse through, and all the features are in plain sight.
Due to its simplistic design, people from all age groups can easily begin using the app without much need for intensive learning and practice.
If introducing voice input wasn't enough to be a step ahead of everyone else in the AI race, this feature certainly seals the deal. Not only can you now use speech to interact with ChatGPT, but you can do so in more than 35 different languages, with more to come as time passes.
If your language isn't listed, it may still be supported via auto-detection, so you might want to try it anyway. You can use ChatGPT in other languages on the website too, but not in the form of speech.
To change your preferred language in the ChatGPT iOS app, follow these steps:
You can now use ChatGPT in your native language or learn a new one with the app. It can also help you overcome language barriers in a foreign place, promoting overall accessibility and cultural diversity while reaching a larger target audience. A win-win for everyone, isn't it?
Haptic feedback is a feature that uses touch to interact with its users. An app or a device uses different vibration patterns and pulses to provide touch-based feedback to the user. This technology has various applications—for example, haptic feedback makes games more immersive.
For iPhone users, haptics would mainly contribute to better interaction with the app and an innovative experience. Important notifications and alerts can also be channeled through haptic feedback instead of plain visual prompts. However, most users find the constant vibrations quite annoying, and if you're one of them, you can disable it from the app's Settings menu.
If your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, it will be disabled by default to conserve battery.
The real importance of this accessibility feature is for people with visual and audio impairments that can only rely on sensory input through touch as their source of communication. Haptic feedback will aid them in interacting with the app by giving them tactile prompts. The feature may not be too extensive yet, but it has the potential to improve with time.
While you can access chat history on OpenAI's website and the app, it is only possible to view it without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection on the app.
If you're not connected to the internet, you obviously cannot open the website on a browser and log in. Even if you lose connection after logging in and the chatbot is open, you can only view titles of past conversations in the sidebar. Once you open them, the messages will not load.
Fortunately, on the ChatGPT app, all you have to do is tap the menu icon on the home page and select History from the context menu. You'll see a search bar and titles of all previous conversations pop up on your screen. Select anyone and watch the entire conversation load whether you're connected to the internet or not.
The ChatGPT app also syncs your chat history across other compatible Apple devices, like your iPad, allowing you to access it from anywhere. Deleting your ChatGPT history is possible on both the website and the app.
It's a well-renowned fact that apps generally deliver optimum response time compared to their website counterparts, and ChatGPT's iOS app is no exception. However, note that response speed on both the app and the website depends entirely on your device and internet connection at a particular time.
OpenAI states on its website that users with a ChatGPT Plus subscription get exclusive access to faster response times on the iOS app, so you can always upgrade if that's something you're looking for.
Rated number one on the App Store's Productivity charts just days after its launch, OpenAI's ChatGPT app for iOS has been an incredible hit among Apple users. You can download the app on your iPhone and iPad from the App Store and sync your conversations across your devices.
However, if you downloaded a ChatGPT mobile app before the official one came out, it's best to uninstall them, as third-party ChatGPT apps generally aren't safe.
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