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7 ChatGPT prompts to unlock rapid learning
In many fields of business, someone else can enter right away and make just as much money and impact as those with years of experience. Your unique advantage is how quickly you can learn and evolve. With every new update, concept or insight within your industry, get hungry to grasp its essentials right away. Never stop learning. Know that unlocking a few nuggets of wisdom could mean your business catapults to the next level as soon as you apply them.
Learn how to learn fast to gain all the benefits in half the time. Here are 7 ways to use ChatGPT to unlock rapid learning.
If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about understanding a new topic, there has to be a compelling reason to expend the energy. You don’t have the time to idly master things for fun. You’re not preparing for a pub quiz, you’re hustling for insights that could help you advance. Firstly, you must have true motivation to learn or any attempts at absorbing knowledge will be futile. Use ChatGPT to get this drive.
Tell ChatGPT you’re an entrepreneur who isn’t messing around. Use this prompt: “Give me an analysis of the future outlook and potential opportunities in [specific topic you want to learn]. How can I, an entrepreneur running [describe your business] position myself to capitalize on emerging trends?”
Now you have your reason to learn, make the plan of action for doing it. Without that, your regular business tasks will take over and it will slip further down your to-do list. Getting ChatGPT to write your roadmap will mean every step of the process is laid out. You can either attack the roadmap with both hands or delegate it to someone else and get the TL;DR.
Ask for the plan and go from there: “Create a personalized rapid mastery roadmap for learning [topic you want to learn about] using the 80/20 rule. Outline the core concepts, essential resources, and key practical exercises that an entrepreneur should focus on to quickly grasp the most critical aspects of the subject. Provide a timeline of learning and milestones to track progress and ensure efficient learning.”
Now you have the roadmap and the reason to complete it, obtain the knowledge itself. Referencing the roadmap you now have ready, ask for the information underneath each header. Quickly process facts related to this new field, giving it your complete attention so you can assess how it might change your game. Choose what you explore further when it piques your interest.
Add this prompt after your roadmap is finalized: “Provide me with a concise but comprehensive crash course on [specific topic] in line with this road map. For each of the pointers outlined, cover the essential concepts, key principles, and real-world applications in a clear and structured manner.”
If you’re using internet-enabled ChatGPT, you can retrieve significant advancements in the field and get up-to-date with what’s happening right now. This will give real world context to your learning and even more motivation to cram. But remember, ChatGPT doesn’t know your personality, your business success so far and the ace cards you hold. It will underestimate all the ways you could make this a success. The potential might be greater than it knows.
Prompt with this and see what ChatGPT says: “Update me on the latest trends and developments in [specific topic]. What are the cutting-edge advancements and how are they reshaping the industry? Given what you know about my business, which should I pay attention to?”
Here you are looking for examples of success in your industry, related to this field. Given that you’re learning the topic for a reason, each of these might spark ideas for how you can turn theoretical knowledge into practical application. Even without the latest ChatGPT, you’ll see examples that could lead to discoveries. ChatGPT now knows more about your business, so it can help you apply the examples to your use case.
Bring the intel to life with this prompt: “Delve into successful case studies related to [specific topic]. Analyze what strategies, tools, or approaches were used by entrepreneurs, and how they resulted in positive outcomes. Make the link between what they did and what I am well placed to do with my business, either by adapting my current business or incorporating this new field.”
You’ve learned the basics from the amalgamation of all the internet’s content, now learn the rest from those at the top of their game. Within this new area there will be prominent thought-leaders and people who publish about the topic on a regular basis. Find out what they have to say so you can decide how to apply their opinions and maybe one day join them. Now your understanding is solid, invite those strong opinions in and make up your own mind.
Here’s how to prompt ChatGPT to find your further reading: “Identify the top thought leaders and experts in [specific topic]. Extract the key insights and knowledge from their work, interviews, and publications, focusing on the 20% of information that delivers 80% of value. Provide a curated collection of resources to help me access the most impactful expertise quickly.”
Don’t fall into the patterns of those who have gone before you and failed. Get clued-up on their blind spots before you begin, to only see success on your path. Find out which mistakes everyone else is making ahead of time. There might even be a business breakthrough or content idea in there. With this prompt, ChatGPT will suggest a multitude of ways that entrepreneurs fall short in this topic, identifying gaps through which you can enter or profit.
Add this prompt to complete your learning of the subject: “Highlight the most common mistakes or pitfalls encountered when learning or applying [specific topic]. How can entrepreneurs avoid these errors to achieve success faster?”
Unlock rapid learning with these 7 prompts, and understand a new topic inside-out in record time. Get help understanding why you need to know it now, then create a plan for learning and receive the basics in an easily-digestible format. Hear ChatGPT’s suggestions for how you apply the intel to your business, understand how others in the field are making it a success, get ideas for further reading and avoid making mistakes on your quest for knowledge and progression.