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ChatGPT has many powerful features like Code Interpreter and plugins to achieve a multitude of tasks. However, it can also be a fun place to play simple text-based games. From role-playing games to some form of visual games, you can kill time with ChatGPT easily. So, in this list, we have compiled the 8 best games you can play with ChatGPT. All of these games can be played on the free version of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5), but you may have to use the GPT-4 model for some games as they require factual accuracy. On that note, here is our list of the best ChatGPT games.

1. Play Tic-Tac-Toe

One of the best games to play with ChatGPT is Tic-tac-toe. Since ChatGPT has a text-based interface, it allows you to enter your input by the position value and draws the visual representation using Markdown language. It works pretty well, and I have played Tic-tac-toe with ChatGPT multiple times.
That said, keep in mind, the free GPT-3.5 model is not very intelligent, and you can easily defeat it. So if you have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, you can play Tic-tac-toe with GPT-4 for free, which is impressive and does not let you win easily. Here is the prompt to get started.

Play Tic-tac-toe with me
play tic tac toe with chatgpt

2. Guess the ASCII Art

Another enjoyable game you can play with ChatGPT is Guess the ASCII Art. Yeah, it may sound comical, but that’s the whole point behind this game. Using characters and graphical symbols, ChatGPT can draw a visual representation of things, and you have to guess it. In my brief testing, it was a fairly enjoyable experience. You can start the game with the following prompt.

I want to play a game called Guess the ASCII art. You can draw the ASCII art and I will try to guess it. 
guess the ascii art game in chatgpt

3. Read My Mind

Read my mind is another fabulous game that you can play with the AI-powered ChatGPT bot. Since ChatGPT is touted as an all-knowing wizard, the game gets pretty interesting. You give ChatGPT 10 opportunities to ask you questions, and the AI has to deduce what you are thinking. That’s pretty cool, right?
I played this game on the free version of ChatGPT, and it came close to answering what was on my mind, but it exhausted the number of tries. Nevertheless, if you want to play a fun game with ChatGPT, run the below prompt to get started.

I want to play a game in which you have to guess what I am thinking. You can ask me 10 questions at most. I can only answer in yes or no.
read my mind game in chatgpt

4. Play Hangman

You can also play Hangman with ChatGPT. In this game, ChatGPT randomly chooses a six-letter word, and you have to guess the word by typing one letter at a time. Every time you pick the correct letter in the word, ChatGPT places it in the correct position of the word. You get 6 tries, but if you get the right letter, it’s not counted.
I will suggest moving to the GPT-4 model if you want to play Hangman with ChatGPT. The free GPT-3.5 model hallucinates a lot and even forgets the word midway. The game is a bit tough, but it gets interesting once you get one or two letters right in the beginning. Also, if you like word games, we suggest checking out games like Wordle as well.

Play Hangman with me
play hangman game with chatgpt

5. Play Simulator Games

Several developers have come up with text-based simulator games that you can play with ChatGPT. You can simply paste lengthy prompts written by developers to enter into a simulator. Basically, if you want to roleplay with ChatGPT, this is the perfect place to start. Among the many games, I loved the Small Talk Simulator which is designed to improve your conversational skill.

play simulator games in chatgpt

Another game is Shark Tank Simulator where you take the role of an entrepreneur. Here, you have to use your wit, negotiation skills, and creative ideas, and face tough questions from ChatGPT to secure an investment for your company. There are several such simulator games that you can try with the prompts from the below link.
Check Out ChatGPT Games on GitHub

6. RPG Games

You can’t play interactive RPG games on ChatGPT, but you can immerse yourself in the realms of adventure and digital roleplaying with the AI chatbot. RPG Prompts has meticulously designed prompts for various games like Dungeons and Dragons, Start Wards RPG, Call of Cthulu, and more.

rpg game prompts in chatgpt

You can explore the storyline, face the fearsome demons, take action, and unravel mysteries and lost treasures. For role-playing games in ChatGPT, RPG Prompts has an extensive collection of prompts that will surely impress you.
Check Out RPG Prompts

7. Quiz Games

Since ChatGPT encompasses so much knowledge from various fields and domains, it’s the best place to play quizzes on any topic. However, before that, make sure you use the GPT-4 model because it’s significantly more factual than the GPT-3.5 model. You can ask ChatGPT to play a quiz and specify the area of your interest. This way, you will enrich your knowledge and have a good time playing with ChatGPT. Here is the prompt to follow.
This is another fun game you can play with ChatGPT. ChatGPT gives you a set of emojis and you have to find the word by combining the first letter of the emoji names. A user on Reddit came up with this simple game, and I found it to be a good time-killer game. You just need to enter the below prompt in ChatGPT and you are done. Happy playing with ChatGPT!

I want to play a game where you give me a set of emojis, and the first letter of what the emoji is spells out a word. It should be a legit English word. For example, 🍔🐘🦎🦎🐙 spells "Hello".
guess word by emoji game in chatgpt

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