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AI art with ChatGPT-4 with Midjourney v5
Many of us have already at the chance to use and explore the new AI technology that is taking our world by storm in the form of the latest ChatGPT-4 artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. As well as using the AI art generator in the form of the amazing Midjourney v5 AI artistry program. But what happens when you combine AI text with AI art?
To answer your question YouTube channel AIWealth has created an interesting 15 minute video providing a glimpse at what can be accomplished in AI art when you use the text capabilities of ChatGPT and combine them with the artistic imagination of Midjourney.
The artificial intelligence has been combined to create hyper realistic AI art images using ChatGPT-4. Using detailed prompts that are then processed by Midjourney v5. During the video you will see a selection of AI art examples with the first involving the creation of a detailed AI art portrait of a pirate pictured above , showcasing the AI’s ability to generate intricate facial features.
AI art
The second example presents a depiction of a Gatsby house party, demonstrating the AI’s capacity for scene creation. The third example features a 1950s-themed AI art image, further illustrating the versatility of these tools in generating period-specific imagery.
How to create AI generated artwork using ChatGPT
In a more futuristic application, the AI is pushed even further to envision a Ford Mustang in the year 2070, complete with holographic advertisements. This example underscores the AI’s potential in conceptual design and futuristic visualization. Lastly the AIs are asked to generate a realistic image of a black panther in a jungle, highlighting the AI’s proficiency in creating lifelike wildlife imagery.

The efficiency of ChatGPT-4 generating prompts that can be easily modified as needed. This flexibility enhances the user’s creative control over the image generation process. AIWealth has also created a free PDF resource designed to assist users in training ChatGPT-4 on Midjourney v5. We have also created a few articles with tutorials on how to create advanced ChatGPT prompts. Or if you’re getting started with ChatGPT an introduction on how to write the best ChatGPT prompts for your needs.
If you are interested in learning more about the different technologies used as a quick summary with links to each site.
Midjourney V5 is a AI art generator developed by Midjourney. It is known for creating highly realistic and detailed images. It’s the second model trained on their AI supercluster, which uses significantly different neural architectures and new aesthetic techniques.
The Midjourney V5 model is particularly noted for its ability to produce photorealistic images. It has been reported to stun users with its high-quality results. For instance, it has been praised for its ability to generate images of hands with five fingers, a detail that can be challenging for AI to replicate accurately.
Midjourney V5 is used in various fields, including UI design and art generation. It’s a tool that allows users to explore an incredible art experience, and it has been described as offering “ultra-realistic AI photography.”
ChatGPT-4 is the fourth iteration of the ChatGPT model developed by OpenAI. It is a large language model that has been trained using a variety of internet text. However, it does not know specifics about which documents were in its training set and does not have the ability to access or retrieve personal data unless it has been shared in the conversation. It is designed to respect user privacy and confidentiality.
ChatGPT-4 has been improved in several ways over its predecessor, ChatGPT-3. It has a better understanding of nuanced prompts, making it more capable of generating relevant and coherent responses. It also has enhanced capabilities in terms of reasoning and providing detailed explanations. It can generate creative content, such as stories, poems, and more. It can also help users learn new topics, provide summaries of complex documents, and even simulate characters for video games.
However, it’s important to note that while ChatGPT-4 is a powerful tool, it’s not perfect. It can sometimes write things that are incorrect or nonsensical, and it doesn’t have beliefs or desires. It generates responses based on patterns it learned during training and doesn’t understand the world or have consciousness.
Image Source : AIWealth

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