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By Divya Bhati: Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising our lives, impacting every field imaginable. It’s helping software engineers in coding, assisting students in assignments, and even aiding chefs in recipes. But that’s not all. When we say Generative AI can take over any role, we mean any role. So, now AI is taking the cap of an astrologer and is helping people understand their horoscopes and get a glimpse of what the future holds.
Raj Sutariya, an NIT-Surat alumni, has developed a new AI-powered Vedic Astrologer Chatbot website- Kundali GPT. The website offers personalised astrological readings and answers user questions based on their Kundli, to help people seek insights into their horoscopes and the future.
According to the company, the AI-powered chatbot gives a brief reading of your Kundali and can help in identifying negative influences in it, offering remedies accordingly. Additionally, it can provide valuable insights into potential health concerns and financial guidance based on your planetary position, using advanced AI technology, ensuring precise answers. In short, this AI chatbot can provide a brief Kundali reading just like a regular astrologer.
“If you’re curious about your career and professional life, our chatbot can provide insights into potential opportunities and challenges based on the planetary positions in your Kundli. If you’re wondering about your marriage and family life, our chatbot can offer predictions and advice on how to navigate potential obstacles or enhance positive influences,” reads the description of the Kundli GPT AI.
However, the company further notes that Kundali GPT is an experimental tool and is not intended for any commercial use. The information provided by Kundali GPT is solely for general information purposes.

How to use Kundali GPT

Here is how you can use the new Kundali AI chatbot to ask your queries:

  • Visit the Kundli GPT AI website at
  • Next, select your language. The chatbot can currently assist in around 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, and others.
  • To get a Kundali reading, the chatbot will ask for additional details, including your name and birth date, and will request location access for better predictions.
  • Click “Submit” to receive personalised astrological readings.
  • After sharing all the necessary details, you can ask any questions related to your studies, love life, and other aspects of life.

Notably, while the website is available for everyone, when we tested it, it showed a notification about ‘heavy traffic’ and asked us to join the waitlist through email.
Meanwhile, in terms of AI integration, many other companies, including YouTube and LinkedIn, have announced AI-powered assistance on their platforms. LinkedIn, for instance, is reportedly testing Microsoft’s AI art generator to draft and share posts within the platform.
On the other hand, Apple is also developing its own artificial intelligence chatbot called “Apple GPT,” which is seen as its response to Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and ChatGPT. According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, AI has become a priority for Apple over the course of the last few months amid the growing competition.

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