AI Chatbot Pilot Launched On Centennial Website | Warminster, PA … – Patch

WARMINSTER, PA —The Centennial School District is embracing artificial intelligence.
The district has launched a new AI Chatbot on its website to further support improved communication, customer service, access to information, and website engagement.
School officials said the district is partnering with AlwaysOn to pilot an AI Chatbot on the school
district’s website. The new educational-focused, user-friendly tool went live Tuesday.
“(The AI chatbot) does the work of sorting and returning the best results for you,” said Teddy Daiber, founder and CEO of Otto Technologies. “Additionally, the chatbots use analytics and machine learning to train on each question asked, which makes them better over time.”
Schools Superintendent Dana T. Bedden said the chatbot is intended to provide additional support, engagement, transparency, and 24/7 access to information in 12 languages. (He said that more information will be revealed about the languages in the future.)
The chatbot will allow those in the school district to:
(Photo Courtesy of the Centennial School District)

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