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The exponential growth of the AI industry, and which tools are leading the way in shaping our digital future? A recent in-depth analysis by Sujan Sarkar of Writerbuddy examined the growth of the AI industry from September 2022 to August 2023. This research included a comprehensive set of more than 3,000 AI tools, which led to some remarkable findings.
During this period, the rise of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, was particularly noteworthy, revealing a deeper exploration of its impact on the digital future. ChatGPT has accumulated 14 billion visits, firmly establishing its position at the forefront of the AI space. Notably, ChatGPT accounted for 60% of the total traffic among the top 50 AI tools during this period, underscoring its dominance and the potential of natural language processing to shape digital interactions.
While ChatGPT's rise is undeniably impressive, it is not the only contender in this rapidly evolving landscape. Character AI and Google Bard have also made significant strides, with Character AI experiencing net traffic growth of 463.4 million and Google Bard accumulating 68 million visits. These achievements highlight the continued potential for innovation and competition within the AI ecosystem, opening up avenues yet to be explored for the benefit of users and businesses.
However, the AI industry is not without its challenges. Some tools, such as Craiyon, MidJourney, and Quillbot, experienced significant declines in traffic during this period. This serves as a reminder that in the dynamic world of AI, maintaining a competitive edge is no small feat and requires constant innovation and adaptation.
The AI industry experienced remarkable growth, expanding 10.7x and adding an average of 236.3 million visits per month. The United States contributed 22.62% of the visits (5.5 billion), while Europe accounted for 3.9 billion. There was a notable gender gap in the user base, with 69.5% male users compared to 30.5% female users. Most users, 63%, accessed AI tools on mobile devices.
Writerbuddy's use of SEMrush, an SEO tool, for data collection and analysis. It provides an insightful perspective on the digital footprint of the AI industry. 
To summarize the top 10 most visited AI tools over the past 12 months:
ChatGPT amassed a remarkable total traffic of 14.6 billion visits during the analyzed period. With an average monthly visit count of 1.5 billion, it held a commanding share of the total traffic at 60.17%. Impressively, ChatGPT also achieved a net traffic growth of 1.8 billion visits, underscoring its consistent popularity.
Character AI
Character AI garnered a substantial total traffic of 3.8 billion visits. Its monthly average visits amounted to 318.8 million, contributing significantly to the total traffic share at 15.77%. Character AI demonstrated impressive net traffic growth, with an increase of 463.4 million visits over the period.
QuillBot, specializing in AI Writing, recorded a total of 1.1 billion visits. It maintained an average monthly visit count of 94.6 million, representing 4.68% of the total traffic. However, QuillBot experienced a slight net traffic loss of 5.1 million visits.
MidJourney, an AI-powered Image Generator platform, drew a total traffic of 500.4 million visits. On a monthly basis, it averaged 41.7 million visits, constituting 2.06% of the total traffic. Unfortunately, MidJourney experienced a net traffic loss of 8.7 million visits during the analyzed period.
Hugging Face
Hugging Face, catering to Data Science enthusiasts, secured a total of 316.6 million visits. With monthly visits averaging at 26.4 million, it contributed to 1.31% of the total traffic. Positively, Hugging Face saw a net traffic growth of 3.5 million visits.
Google Bard
Google Bard, another entrant in the AI Chatbot category, had a total traffic of 241.6 million visits. Its monthly average visits stood at 34.5 million, comprising 1.00% of the total traffic. Google Bard enjoyed a net traffic growth of 68 million visits, translating to an average monthly increase of 11.3 million.
NovelAI, an AI Writing tool, reported a total of 238.7 million visits. Averaging 19.9 million visits every month, it made up 0.98% of the entire traffic.
The tool saw a net growth of 10.1 million visits, or an average monthly increment of 918.9K visits.
CapCut, a Video Generator, amassed a total traffic of 203.8 million visits. With 17 million visits each month on average, it contributed 0.84% to the overall traffic. The platform experienced a net traffic growth of 14.6 million visits, which breaks down to a monthly gain of 1.3 million.
Janitor AI
Janitor AI, another AI Chatbot, attracted a total of 192.4 million visits. Its standout feature was its high monthly average of 48.1 million visits, comprising 0.79% of the entire traffic. It showed a robust net growth of 48.8 million visits, with an average monthly leap of 16.3 million.
Civitai, an Image Generator tool, drew 177.2 million visits in total. Averaging at 17.7 million visits monthly, it constituted 0.73% of the total traffic.
The platform marked a net traffic growth of 23.3 million visits, translating to a monthly increase of 2.6 million.
Essentially, this analysis tells us that the AI industry is in a state of perpetual evolution. From 241.8 million visits in September 2022 to a staggering 2.8 billion visits in August 2023, it has grown at an average monthly rate of 236.3 million visits. The journey has been marked by milestones, including ChatGPT's meteoric rise to 1 million users in just five days, which propelled the industry to its peak of 4.1 billion visits in May 2023. Despite subsequent fluctuations, the second half of the year maintained an impressive average of 3.3 billion monthly visits. This trend underscores the tremendous potential for financial growth.