Apple to Add Generative AI Image and Text Tools to Software, Cuts ChatGPT Deal With OpenAI – Hollywood Reporter

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The tech giant unveiled a slew of ‘Apple Intelligence’ features at its annual WWDC keynote.
By Alex Weprin
Media & Business Writer
Apple is about to bring generative artificial intelligence to the masses.
The tech giant on Monday rolled out what it is calling “Apple Intelligence,” a suite of AI tools and features that will be integrated across all of its operating systems, bringing gen AI tech like LLM-powered text writing and editing and generated AI images to iPhones and Macs.
The company also announced a landmark deal with OpenAI, which will integrate its ChatGPT chatbot into Apple’s Siri and other apps.

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The company announced the push into AI at its annual keynote to kick off its Worldwide Developer Conference in Cupertino, California. According to attendees, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman attended the event.

While the company did not reveal any video-generating tools (at least not for the time being), it did roll out both image and text-based tools, both of which have become a hot button issue for Hollywood. And by integrating them into software that is already used by hundreds of millions of people, the company is all but assuring wide adoption.
On the text front, Apple is incorporating a tool called Rewrite that will help users proofread, tweak and change whatever they are writing (a school paper, an email, a blog post … perhaps a script?) using LLM tech. ChatGPT will also be integrated throughout the system, “which help users generate content for anything they are writing about,” Apple says.
And Apple will also roll out a handful of Gen AI image products, including the “Image Playground,” which will be available as its own app and within other apps like iMessage. Notably, users will only be able generate images in three styles: Animation, Illustration, or Sketch, so no photorealistic images (at least for now).
It will also launch what it calls “Genmoji,” which lets users instantly create custom emoji by simply typing what they want the emoji to be, and letting the system create it.
The launch of Apple Intelligence is sure to be closely watched by Hollywood, which has expressed both concern and intrigue when it comes to the rise in Gen AI applications. While nions like the WGA have sought to prohibit fully AI-creates scripts, it seems all but assured that AI tools will be used to assist many writers.
Similarly, Gen AI images (and likely video in the future) may very well find their way into media and entertainment products currently created by human labor.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new chapter in Apple innovation. Apple Intelligence will transform what users can do with our products — and what our products can do for our users,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a statement. “Our unique approach combines generative AI with a user’s personal context to deliver truly helpful intelligence. And it can access that information in a completely private and secure way to help users do the things that matter most to them. This is AI as only Apple can deliver it, and we can’t wait for users to experience what it can do.”
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