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If artificial intelligence is, in the words of Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, “going to impact every product across every company,” then one of the main concerns is whether society is ready to handle this advanced technology.
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Make Money With AI and ChatGPT: How To Earn $1,000 a Month

Undoubtedly, the dilemmas of disinformation — and fake news and images — will be “much bigger” and “could cause harm,” Pichai told 60 Minutes. However, AI has revolutionized how we communicate with machines and the technology is still in its infancy.
AI’s use and potential for very individual and industry is near-limitless. As AI technology advances, so too will its deployment in healthcare, programming, education, finance, construction, transportation, entertainment, legal, real estate, space exploration and business.
The suitability of a particular GPT version for money-making opportunities depends on various factors. However, it’s worth noting that newer versions of AI chat models — like newer versions of basically anything — tend to offer improved performance and enhanced capabilities.
ChatGPT-4, OpenAI’s latest large language model (LLM) has certain advantages over ChatGPT-3.5 in terms of language understanding, context retention and generation of coherent responses.
For starters, ChatGPT-4 is multimodal (working with both imagers and text) and more “steerable” than ChatGPT-3.5 in that it can take multiple prompts in greater numbers, which allows it to better interpret intentions and motives.
Although How-To Geek noted that GPT-3.5 is faster in generating responses and doesn’t come with the hourly prompt restrictions GPT-4 does, GPT-4 has 1 trillion parameters and heightened power, enabling it to handle more natural language scenarios.
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This could potentially open up more opportunities for monetization, such as developing AI-powered products, services, or applications that rely on natural language processing. For example, businesses may leverage the improved language generation capabilities of GPT-4 to create better chatbots, virtual assistants, content generation tools or customer support systems than what was possible with ChatGPT-3.5.
Whether it’s being used for affiliate marketing, virtual instruction, SEO keyword research or app creation, ChatGPT-4 can better solve problems spanning multiple domains, including image recognition, translation and speech recognition.
The future of content creation using AI, be it writing and editing articles and blogs or managing social media accounts, will be unstoppable as ChatGPT language gets more natural and more “humanlike.” ChatGPT-4’s multimodal capabilities enable it to process text, images and videos, making it an incredibly versatile tool for marketers, writers, businesses and individuals.
Simply asking for customized side hustle ideas from ChatGPT-4 could result in establishing a passive income stream of $1,000 or more a month — quickly and without a lot of work.
Of course, creating a viable money-making business still takes learning and hard work. But just as the carpenter invests in the best tools to get work completed faster and take on more projects, investing in ChatGPT-4 and adapting it to your enterprise goals can improve your likelihood of making money.
However, “investing” in the latest tech might be the only downfall to ChatGPT-4. As PC Mag explains, like most of the latest and improved things in life, GPT-4 is only accessible to those who have access to ChatGPT Plus (or ChatGPT+). The premium service from OpenAI costs $20 per month, thus limiting its use to those who can afford it.
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