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ChatGPT Enterprise offers a business-ready generative AI tool with new and enhanced security and collaboration features.
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To provide a generative AI tool for business users, OpenAI has released ChatGPT Enterprise, an enterprise-grade version of the popular ChatGPT solution that expands on existing ChatGPT functionality.
With more consistent access to GPT-4 and a variety of new and enhanced security and collaboration features, ChatGPT Enterprise is an important step toward business adoption of the still new sector of generative AI.
Read on to learn more about what’s included in this latest release and how it could benefit your organizational processes and teams.
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ChatGPT Enterprise already has several customers and advanced generative AI use cases available. Here are some of the highlights of what we know about the tool so far:
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While certain aspects of ChatGPT Enterprise look like its predecessors, this latest release adds to and expands upon the generative AI model’s security, admin, and data analytics features. Take a closer look at the new features in ChatGPT Enterprise:
The main area that OpenAI focuses on in its new release announcement is security and privacy for generative AI. The new enterprise model includes both data encryption at rest and in transit through AES 256 and TLS 1.2+, SOC 2 compliance features and certification, and SSO and domain verification features.
But more significantly, OpenAI has promised that this model will not use customer prompts and queries or any other customer data to train future iterations of the model.
This means organizations can confidently input their data for various business use cases without fear of exposing proprietary business data. This new security and privacy commitment from OpenAI has opened ChatGPT up to new users and industries, especially those that require built-in compliance features and security safeguards to protect either consumer or top-secret business data.
ChatGPT Enterprise addresses enterprise needs by giving internal administrators and teams more features and functions. For example, the new admin console gives admins access to a dashboard with a database for bulk member management, easy-to-read analytics and charts for usage insights, configurable admin settings, and identity and provisioning features and actions.
At a team level, shareable chat templates are now available and make it possible for teams to build collaborative, repeatable, and standardized projects and workflows. These features are designed to support a smoother user experience across an enterprise environment as well as easier large-scale deployments for business leaders and IT teams.
Advanced data analysis for generative AI are available to ChatGPT Enterprise users on an unlimited basis. These capabilities, previously under the label Code Interpreter, are designed to support more technical data analysis tasks as well as democratized, citizen data scientist projects across product design and testing, financial analysis, ETL, and other analytics and data management use cases.
This latest version of ChatGPT has increased its speed and power to meet the requirements of enterprise-level operations. Users of ChatGPT Enterprise receive access to unlimited GPT-4, longer context windows, and higher speeds (depending on system utilization).
OpenAI has built up this version of ChatGPT with 32k context for “4x longer inputs, files, or follow-ups,” which makes it possible for users to manage longer conversational strings and problem-solving scenarios.
ChatGPT Enterprise is one of the most customizable products from OpenAI to date, allowing users to do many tasks through self-service features.
Prebuilt chat templates can be used to simplify and standardize team-wide workflows. And for teams that need customizations that are more specific to their industry or business use case, ChatGPT Enterprise comes with several API credits at no additional cost.
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ChatGPT Enterprise offers a variety of benefits that previous iterations of the tool did not, including the following:
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ChatGPT Enterprise has now been publicly released, and OpenAI says it is “onboarding as many enterprises as [they] can over the next few weeks.” Several enterprises have already committed to and praised the tool, explaining how well it addresses their more specific generative Ai enterprise use cases with added security and privacy features.
While the current version of this tool may not fit into the budget or address the needs of a smaller business, OpenAI’s future roadmap indicates that this is only the beginning of self-service-driven, customizable models for them. It will be interesting to see how other AI vendors respond and how the generative AI landscape changes over the next several months to further meet enterprise AI expectations.
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