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ChatGPT has become a viral phenomenon since launching in late 2022, with crypto investors worldwide using the AI model for market insights and predictions.
Recently, ChatGPT has shared an optimistic forecast for Ethereum ($ETH) that has piqued the interest of traders and investors.
The AI also highlighted the potential of one new token, XRP20 ($XRP20), which it believes could generate sizable returns if its presale momentum continues.
Ethereum Fails to Break $2,000 As Bears Take Control
Over the past three weeks, Ethereum is down by 9% from its local high of $2,029, which was reached on July 14.
At the time of writing, $ETH is trading around $1,834 after a failed break above the critical $2,000 level, which hasn’t been cleanly breached since mid-April.
This move lower has seen Ethereum slip below its 20-day and 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), indicating that bears are now in control.
With the token’s previous uptrend firmly broken, some bears believe that $ETH could return to July’s low of $1,650 – a further 10% drop from today’s price.
However, it’s not all bad news, as CoinMarketCap data reveals that Ethereum’s trading volume is up 60% in the past 24 hours.
This increased activity could foreshadow a bounce if $ETH buyers return to the market.
ChatGPT Remains Bullish on $ETH Despite Recent Weakness
Interestingly, even though Ethereum is in a bearish phase, ChatGPT remains confident that the token will rebound and begin another uptrend in the coming weeks.
According to ChatGPT, $ETH could reach approximately $2,650 by the end of 2023 – 44% higher than today’s value.
Should this prediction prove accurate, it would put the $ETH price at a level that hasn’t been seen since May 2022.
Driving this bullish forecast is ChatGPT’s expectation of amplified retail demand stemming from PayPal’s new $PYUSD stablecoin, which is built on Ethereum.
Additionally, the AI points to ongoing development upgrades and expansion of the DeFi ecosystem as factors that could cement $ETH’s value proposition.
While not a guarantee, ChatGPT’s positive outlook will be reassuring to those still holding $ETH through this bearish wave.
Which Other Tokens Does ChatGPT Believe Could Pump?
While Ethereum remains ChatGPT’s top bet for growth potential, the AI model is also intrigued by a new altcoin that could produce substantial gains.
That token is XRP20, which ChatGPT believes could experience a price pump comparable to the original XRP’s bull run.
ChatGPT Predicts 26x Gains for Trending XRP20 Token
As its name suggests, XRP20 ($XRP20) is a new token that brands itself as the “next evolution of XRP.”
This ERC-20 token provides buyers with the chance to purchase a token inspired by XRP, albeit at a fraction of its all-time low price.
XRP20’s nostalgic branding and marketing appear to resonate with the investment community, as evidenced by the recently-launched presale raising $1.2 million thus far.
With the original XRP’s price taking a hit recently, XRP20’s team intends to offer a “second chance” at exponential gains while providing scope for passive income.
Passive income opportunities come through XRP20’s staking protocol, and with 40% of the total supply reserved for staking rewards, there’s a significant incentive for holders to participate.
According to ChatGPT, this staking protocol, combined with XRP20’s early presale traction, could foreshadow massive upside for the token.
The AI model predicts that XRP20 may reach $0.0025 by the end of 2023 – a 26x increase from the current presale price.
Driving this potential growth is ChatGPT’s expectation that the hype will continue following $XRP20’s DEX listing while partnerships will boost the token’s utility and visibility.
ChatGPT’s bullish forecast will be received positively by those participating in the XRP20 Telegram community, where enthusiasm for the token is growing rapidly.
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