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People following early retirement plans like the popular Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) approach have a new ally in their arsenal — ChatGPT.
The leading artificial intelligence (AI) language model gives people an array of personalized tools to help them prepare for early retirement. It also can guide them on where to live and how to stay engaged during their lengthy golden years. If someone needs some extra cash to fund their lifestyle, they can also use ChatGPT to make some side money.
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ChatGPT offers personalized financial guidance tailored to anyone’s circumstances. By inputting financial information, such as income, expenses and savings goals, you can engage in meaningful conversations with the AI model. ChatGPT can provide insights on optimizing budgets, identifying potential areas for cost-cutting and suggesting practical strategies to increase an investor’s savings rate. With its ability to analyze large volumes of financial data and provide customized recommendations, ChatGPT can complement human financial advisers who help people reach their early retirement goals.
ChatGPT can offer insights into various investment options, evaluate risk profiles and suggest investment strategies aligned with an investor’s goals. ChatGPT can provide investors with natural language descriptions of asset classes, such as stocks, bonds and real estate. It can assess potential investment opportunities and assess their risk-reward ratios, which can help people reach their early retirement goals and ensure they protect their wealth for the next 40 to 50 years.
ChatGPT continually needs to learn and adapt to provide value, especially as competition from other AI platforms ramps up. While it currently only uses information from 2021 and further back, this is changing to reflect people’s need for real-time data.  Early retirees can benefit from this continual improvement by leveraging the latest information that can help them budget, invest and explore. Whether it’s understanding the impact of changing tax laws or keeping track of investment opportunities, ChatGPT can help early retirees stay informed and make timely adjustments to their financial plans.
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Planning for early retirement requires accurate projections of a future financial position. ChatGPT can forecast retirement savings based on various factors such as income, expenses, investment returns and time horizon. By analyzing this data and considering different scenarios, ChatGPT can help investors estimate the amount they need to save and the recommended timelines. These projections can serve as a valuable guide, allowing the retiree to make necessary adjustments and track progress along the way.
ChatGPT can also help people plan an extended nomadic lifestyle, whether that means living the #vanlife or planning a European extended stay. AI can also provide people with detailed recommendations for places to live that fit various personalized criteria. Retiring early often means choosing a different place to live in order to afford to travel or enjoy other indulgences. ChatGPT can suggest different locales using a range of inputs. Someone could tell the AI platform to identify places with a distinct average type of weather, that are close to lakes, feature higher education campuses and where most residents lean towards a certain political viewpoint.
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Power Up Side Hustles
Some early retirees might want to have some side hustles to provide them with extra income or to stay busy. ChatGPT’s vast knowledge base and conversational abilities can help retirees find new income-generating opportunities. They can leverage AI to provide part-time consulting services, quickly produce freelance work and stay connected with past clients who can open new opportunities. Exposure to ChatGPT and other AI tools also keeps early retirees’ skills relevant and desirable, so they can reenter the workforce if they encounter financial difficulties or receive an intriguing employment offer.
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