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In the last few years, the way businesses operate and the nature of jobs have undergone dramatic change. Today, working professionals across the globe are inundated with deadlines, back-to-back meetings, and multiple projects at once. And, with Artificial Intelligence, millions of people are finding newer ways to learn skills, enhance productivity, deal with writer’s block, and overcome several other professional hurdles. 
Almost all technocrats today are known for their exceptional ways of getting things done. Twitter chief Elon Musk is known for multi-tasking strategically, and Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg is believed to be spending long hours at his office. With AI, you too can supercharge your productivity. Here is a list of prompts that can help you make the most of OpenAI’s revolutionary chatbot.
ChatGPT can be a great guide if you want to acquire new skills. The possibilities are endless when it comes to obtaining specific knowledge. For working professionals, it can be a great source to acquire skills at a fast pace. From creative writing, introduction to coding, cooking, speaking a new language, etc. 
Sample prompt: Act as an expert in (insert topic) My aim is to learn (insert skill) as quickly as possible. Make a list of the most important things I need to know that will allow me to master this skill/topic.
Presentations have become a norm for most professionals. Be it a business proposal, introducing a new line of products, or projecting a survey or growth study, presentations are integral to most business meetings today. They need to be well-researched and framed in an engaging manner, and to do that one may often draw comparisons between two concepts. ChatGPT can be of great help in breaking down complex concepts to let you make that engaging presentation.
Sample prompt: Describe and explain in simple words the relationship between (concept 1) and (concept 2).
It is a well-known fact that there is a limitation to human knowledge. Not everyone can know everything, and hence we need advice or recommendations from time to time. OpenAI’s sensational chatbot can be a great tool to gain sound advice on any topic under the Sun. From career advice to tips to prepare for an interview, or getting detailed job descriptions for specific job roles, ChatGPT can act as your guide.
Sample prompt: I want you to act as an expert in (insert topic) and give me recommendations for (specific question). One could be a career counsellor and seek recommendations for the most trending jobs in 2023. 
Along with comparing and contrasting concepts, AI can come in handy to offer specific definitions. This can be of great help when drafting rules and regulations within organisations, and presentations. Not just professional, but it can be a great way for individuals to understand certain topics that may or may not be related to their work. ChatGPT helps to understand terms and concepts in the simplest manner possible. And, all that is required of one is to frame their prompt effectively.
Sample prompt: Define (insert term) and provide an example that can be used in everyday life. The definition should be complete but easy to understand, explaining any complicated words if necessary.
ChatGPT lets you put theory into practice. Most often, working professionals find themselves in situations where they are required to apply their theoretical knowledge for the best possible outcome. It is during these times that one is most likely to be in a situation where there is an information overload and no linear path forward. ChatGPT can come to your rescue, just spell out the context of the situation. This is a bit more complex and may require one to be more nuanced when framing their prompt.
Sample prompt: Present the principles of strategic thinking and apply them to a scenario where I need to make a major decision in (context/business/life). Detail potential outcomes of different strategic choices.
Effective leadership also means effective delegation of work. Who would have thought that AI would assist managers in delegating tasks among team members? Interestingly, ChatGPT can help you manage work on various projects by offering an effective roadmap to effectively delegate work. 
Sample prompt: Explain the principles of effective delegation. Simulate a scenario where I have to delegate tasks to (team or individual) for the project (describe project).
Imagine if you are expected to give a speech to your team members and you have very little time to prepare. Turn to ChatGPT for help. Ask the AI chatbot to help you with a list of terms related to your topic of speech or presentation. Within seconds, the chatbot will provide a list of key terms that can help you with your speech. 
Sample prompt: What are some key terms I should know about (topic)? Make a list with a short, simple definition of each term.
In case you are planning to learn something new, use ChatGPT to make sure you get the most out of your learning experience. The chatbot can be your teacher and guide you through the learning process. Be it coding or learning a new language, frame your prompt accordingly and let the chatbot take care of your learning. 
Sample prompt: I want to learn (insert topic). Give step-by-step instructions on how to learn (insert topic). Start with the basics and move on to the more difficult ones. Keep in mind that I’m a beginner.
There is so much chatter about using AI to improve productivity. But, how do we do that? ChatGPT can help you by offering ways to leverage technology for productivity. The chatbot can assist you in implementing relevant apps and tools to enhance productivity in whatever you are doing. 
Sample prompt: Present ways to leverage technology for productivity. Help me choose and implement relevant apps/tools for enhancing productivity in my (work, study, or hobbies).
Bonus prompt sample: Enhance team productivity in (business) by implementing the SCRUM (or any other) methodology.
Managing time is crucial, especially when you have multiple projects lined-up and impending deadlines. Worry not, ChatGPT can aid you in effectively managing time at work. One can draw a time table based on their projects and schedules with the help of the chatbot. 
Sample prompt: Discuss effective time management strategies and their benefits. Help me create a weekly schedule optimised for productivity around (specific activities, or tasks).
The rapidly evolving landscape of work calls for a reformation of how we work. Now, more than ever, there is a focus on enhancing productivity in the workplace, ensuring sufficient opportunities for learning and delegation. It is important to remember that AI can be a great copilot for a wide range of tasks. One should not feel threatened by its proficiency but instead embrace it to amplify their efficiency at work, regardless of the industry they are in.
The above prompts have been tested on ChatGPT and were gathered from reliable sources on the Internet. Tell us how you are planning to use ChatGPT or AI in your work in the comments section.

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