ChatGPT: Welsh politician uses AI chatbot to write speech – BBC

A politician has given a speech in the Welsh Parliament generated by the controversial ChatGPT chatbot.
Conservative Member of the Senedd (MS) Tom Giffard used the website to write a speech congratulating Wales for winning the World Cup of Darts.
He admitted the speech ended a little oddly when he declared "long live darts".
Mr Giffard told BBC Wales said he made the speech "to show just how advanced the technology is becoming".
ChatGPT wrote almost the entire script, although Mr Giffard edited out one erroneous line which claimed that it was the first time Wales had won the tournament.
It is the first time the controversial tool is known to have been used in the Welsh Parliament's debating chamber.
The tool, by OpenAI, is trained on information from the internet and can answer questions from users.
It has been used to write marketing copy, computer code and songs, among other things.
In a 90-second statement in the Senedd, Mr Giffard said the team of Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton "showed incredible skill, nerve and teamwork throughout the tournament".
He said they had showed the world "Wales is a nation of champions capable of competing and winning at the highest level," calling them "true ambassadors for Wales and for darts".
"The World Cup of Darts is a fantastic showcase of the diversity, excitement, and camaraderie of this sport
"It brings people together from different countries [and] cultures, united by the love of darts.
"Hope you will enjoy this celebration and join me in celebrating our Welsh heroes. Long live Wales, long live darts."
"You may think that's an odd ending to a speech," he said, before revealing to the Senedd it was written with the software.
Asked by BBC Wales why he did it, the MS for South Wales West said: "I decided to use ChatGPT for the first time in the Senedd chamber this afternoon to show just how advanced the technology is becoming.
"The fact the AI could write a whole speech that can be delivered in a Parliament shows the potential of the technology, as well as the potential pitfalls for future legislators."
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