Cohere Debuts Enterprise Generative AI Chatbot Coral –

Enterprise generative AI startup Cohere has unveiled a chatbot named Coral designed to make finding information and getting answers to questions faster for employees. Cohere’s development has often focused on melding its generative AI and natural language processing tools with customer service platforms, but Coral is aimed at assisting a company’s workers with completing their tasks.
The increasing breadth and depth of available knowledge have slowed research and computation in offices significantly, according to Cohere. The company cites a McKinsey report claiming employees are looking for information for up to a fifth of the day and pitches Coral as a corrective to that trend. Cohere built Coral on its Command large language model, training it for conversation and writing. The base version of Coral is then fine-tuned through training on databases provided by individual companies to suit their needs and protect proprietary information. The result is a chatbot capable of conducting research and analysis tasks for employees, able to both understand queries and provide explanations using informal language. Cohere suggests Coral will be a useful tool for tasks like gathering product information for a customer service agent or a market analysis and financial projection.
“Coral is the next leap forward, capturing the huge potential of generative AI in a platform that will change how companies and employees do business,” Cohere president and COO Martin Kon said. “Like the internet browser and smartphone before, AI has now reached an inflection point, shifting from an amazing novelty, to something that will fundamentally change how every business operates.”
Coral’s announcement comes only a couple of months after Cohere raised $270 million in venture capital funding. The company has been on a steady uptick since former Google Brain researchers launched it from stealth in 2021. Cohere uses Google Cloud and its supercomputers to set up and train its LLMs. Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning hardware and infrastructure powered Cohere’s development of its LLMs. Cohere also partners with conversational AI provider LivePerson, providing LLMs for LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud platform. LivePerson is also keen to employ Coral.
“The combination of LivePerson’s industry-leading conversational platform and AI with Cohere’s Coral will help deliver custom LLMs for customer engagement built on the enterprise’s specific needs, goals, policies, and data,” LivePerson chief scientist Joe Bradley said. “Coral’s knowledge augmentation capabilities will connect our solutions to additional data sources to keep LLM-powered conversations grounded, factual, and generate outputs that match enterprise needs in real-live use cases.”

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