Damar Hamlin, ChatGPT top Louisiana's 2023 web searches – WWL

With a usage total of 8.5 billion searches per day, Google certainly has a handle on what people are looking for when they log onto the internet, and their analytics can offer keen insight into people interests.
So what has interested Louisianians in the past year?
The results show that residents in the Pelican State aren’t all that different from the rest of the nation, particularly when it comes to the most-searched items of 2023.
The top two searches so far this year in Louisiana have been Damar Hamlin and ChatGPT.
Hamlin suffered a horrific medical incident on national television towards the end of the 2022 NFL season as he collapsed on the field suddenly during an airing of Monday Night Football.
Hamlin needed emergency CPR to restart his heart in the middle of the playing field before he could be carted off to a local hospital.
He has since made a full recovery, but the scene was one of the most watched and most searched incidents of the past year, both nationwide and in Louisiana.
Meanwhile, the buzz around the artificial intelligence program known as ChatGPT continues to grow as the open-source application continues to be utilized and have its uses continuously investigated by curious early adopters.
The Super Bowl and the Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Legacy are also among the terms searched in Louisiana that track with the larger American population.
However, there was one item that is undoubtedly Louisiana-centric among the top searched terms: Jazz Fest. The announcement of the annual festivals lineup and subsequently the “cubes” of performers and where they slot in each day of the festival is always a topic of much anticipation for the faithful festgoers.
Last year’s list also included the Super Bowl, as well as Wordle and Ukraine, and the football schedules for both LSU and the New Orleans Saints. With football season just getting underway, those last two could certainly made their way into the top searches for 2023 before year’s end.