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In recent days we have seen a great upsurge in AI and NLP technologies, ChatGPT is such an example. Within no time, it has become an integral part of our lives. But have you ever thought how amazing it would be to use the same technology for your own business, where AI could be used to drive sales, customer support and marketing! Well, the tech is here, and it has been showing extremely impressive results, but the cost associated with such technology and AI bots is still very high. It becomes very difficult for small businesses to adapt to this technology. Even large companies find it difficult to use it for small ticket products as it does not yield enough return on investment. 

Today, customer satisfaction is the epicenter of business success. EasySocial emerges with a completely new Hybrid AI technology. Established in 2020 by the seasoned marketing expert Shobhit Taneja, EasySocial uses its groundbreaking approach to substantially reduce cost of AI chatbots by intertwining the finesse of AI and the ease and low cost of traditional chatbots. Thus championing a revolution that brings a breath of fresh air in the customer service domain. With potent amalgamation of AI, NLP, and ChatGPT with WhatsApp for business, EasySocial is setting a gold standard in delivering customer support that is both customised and cost-effective.
Groundbreaking Innovation for Cost-Effective Customer Support
The typical costs for an AI Chatbot is at least 12x more than a traditional programmed chatbot. However, EasySocial’s innovative hybrid approach to customer service isn’t just about enhancing communication; it’s a strategic move towards substantial cost reduction. By automating routine queries and utilising AI Intervention only in specific conversations, EasySocial allows more judicious allocation of resources. This strategic deployment of AI not only substantially lowers operational costs but also reduces workload from human agents who can now focus on complex issues that require a personal touch, offering a harmonious blend of efficiency and empathy.
Hybrid AI: Understanding the Subtleties of Language
Everyday conversation is filled with contextual nuances and expressions that are effortlessly understood and interpreted by humans. Phrases denoting time, such as “tomorrow” or “next Saturday,” carry inherent contextual information that we instinctively grasp. However, for a computer program, interpreting such phrases is far from straightforward.
This is where EasySocial’s hybrid AI showcases its brilliance. It can be invoked on-demand to process sentences laden with complex information, extracting and decoding the nuances with remarkable accuracy. The AI then translates this information into a format that the program can comprehend, facilitating smoother and more intuitive interactions that echo the natural flow of human conversation.
AI: A Trustworthy Sidekick to Human Agents
EasySocial acknowledges that human agents can sometimes be caught off guard with challenging queries. In these instances, the agent might traditionally resort to sifting through extensive documentation or seeking the advice of a senior colleague, a process that could potentially extend response times and diminish customer satisfaction.
Here, AI steps in as a reliable ally, adept at providing the agent with precise answers instantaneously. This function operates almost “auto-magically,” presenting the agent with an accurate response which can be further refined or personalised before sharing it with the customer. This synergy of AI and human expertise not only elevates the quality of customer service but also enhances the confidence and efficiency of human agents.
EasySocial is already ushering in a remarkable change, characterised by substantial manpower savings and streamlined efficiency. What sets EasySocial apart in this revolution is not just its groundbreaking integration of WhatsApp automation and Chatbot technologies but also its widespread recognition and adoption by prominent global entities. Industry giants such as Honda 2 Wheelers and Kellogg’s, along with renowned wellness brand VLCC, have already incorporated EasySocial’s advanced solutions into their customer service strategies.
Department of Tourism Maharashtra, India, and other various global government departments underscore the platform’s versatility and efficacy. As EasySocial continues to garner acclaim and integration across diverse sectors, it cements its position as a transformative force in customer support, learn more about this technology at easysocial.io.
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