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In this technology-driven era, we are using multiple AI chatbots every day, especially after OpenAI’s ChatGPT first caught the spotlight. After the introduction of ChatGPT, various tech titans like Microsoft, Google, and Meta Platforms have started introducing their own AI chatbots. Do know that every Chatbot comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses and therefore, when it comes to picking one or the other, it depends on the users and their needs. One common concern with many AI chatbots is their dependence on the internet and the data policies of the companies that operate them. This is where FreedomGPT, launched by Age of AI, LLC, comes into play. FreedomGPT is a 100% uncensored and private AI chatbot designed to put individual freedom at the forefront.
FreedomGPT is software that empowers users to run generative AI engines locally on their computers, completely offline. It says that full freedom is available to users and there will be no censorship involved. Users are allowed to ask anything without restrictions or filters. Since it operates without an internet connection, privacy concerns are negligible and your private information will never be shared online.
Using FreedomGPT is quite easy. You can follow these steps to embark on your AI-powered journey:
Download: Visit freedomgpt.com and choose between the Internet, Windows, or Mac versions. Opt for the Windows or Mac version, depending on your system.
Select AI Model: Upon launching the setup, you’ll encounter two AI chatbot options: LLaMA and Alpaca. LLaMA has been developed by Meta. It is a generative AI tool for developers. Alpaca is a fine-tuned version of LLaMA by Stanford researchers. These models come in fast and full variants.
Install and Chat: Once you’ve installed FreedomGPT and your chosen AI model, you may start chatting on your device. The interface resembles popular chatbots like ChatGPT but with a few changes.
FreedomGPT represents a step ahead in AI chatbot technology. Ostensibly, it says that it will put control and privacy back into the hands of users and that it has the ability to run generative AI locally and without censorship. It opens up new possibilities for individuals seeking uncensored and private interactions with AI. However, users must use this AI tool with caution due to the absence of content filters. To experience its features, download it today and delve into the world of a new AI technology.
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