Estée Lauder Signs On As Early User for ChatGPT Enterprise – Consumer Goods Technology

The Estée Lauder Companies has signed on as an early partner for OpenAI’s generative AI ChatGPT Enterprise platform, touted by its maker as having more security features.  
Unlike earlier versions, ChatGPT Enterprise is said to have “enterprise-grade” security and privacy, as well as unlimited GPT-4 access, customization options, longer context windows for longer inputs, and more advanced data analysis capabilities. 
OpenAI said it won’t train AI models with ChatGPT Enterprise users’ business data, conversations, or usage. In addition to being SOC 2 compliant with all conversations encrypted in transit, it also has domain verification and SSO. 
Indeed, the increased risks associated with widely available platforms like ChatGPT, DALL-E, Google Bard, and others are a growing concern for executives given the potential harm surrounding data privacy, intellectual property, privacy, and more. 
Generative AI was the second most-frequently named risk in Gartner’s Q2 survey of emerging risks, which “reflects both the rapid growth of public awareness and usage of generative AI tools, as well as the breadth of potential use cases, and therefore potential risks, that these tools engender,” said Ran Xu director of research in Gartner’s risk and audit practice. 
Despite the concerns, use of generative AI technology hasn’t slowed as companies determine the best fit for their use cases. More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted ChatGPT since its launch nine months ago, according to OpenAI, which determined this metric by the percentage of F500 companies with registered ChatGPT accounts associated with corporate email domains.
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The Estée Lauder Companies is the No. 39 publicly owned consumer goods company, and Fabrizio Freda, president/CEO, recently pointed to the operational benefits they expect to derive from generative AI. “We believe we can unlock meaningful cost efficiencies in our value chain as we complete the rollout and adoption of our new integrated business planning process across the global operation and use generative AI to drive efficiencies,” he said during an earnings call earlier this month.  
Beyond Estée Lauder, other early partners for ChatGPT Enterprise include Block, Klarna, Canva, Carlyle, PwC, and Zapier. 
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