Free AI WhatsApp upgrade changes how you text forever – especially if you’re in group chats… – The US Sun

MARK Zuckerberg recently unveiled a host of artificial intelligence chatbots – including the Meta AI assistant.
It's coming to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and a top Facebook exec has revealed how this can transform your life.
The Meta AI chatbot is designed so that you can ask questions and get answers on almost any topic.
It might sound isolating to just be chatting away with an AI instead of your friends.
But speaking to journalists at this week's Meta Connect, Chris Cox described how the Meta AI can also be activated in group chats.
This means you'll be able use the AI as a group assistant with your pals.
“The majority of the conversations that happen in our messaging apps are between people and their close friends, or people and their family, or people and their partners," said Cox, the Chief Product Officer at Meta.
“So that’s the meat and potatoes of what the product is for.
“Frequently for me, you’re often planning. Like if you are in a new city, if you’re planning to meet up, if you’re trying to find a place to eat, if you’ve just arrived to a conference, you wanna find a place to get a coffee.
“A lot of that is happening in a messaging thread.
“And what we’re trying to do here is remove the part where you’re hopping back and forth."
The idea is that if the Meta AI is in the chat, you can ask the questions directly.
So you could ask Meta AI to generate some restaurant suggestions or check journey times.
This means you don't have to keep leaving the thread.
And Cox hopes that this will make the AI feel like more of a social tool than something you just constantly chat to alone.
“Just put the assistant inside of the thread," Cox said.
“We hope will make the social experience of planning for something or deciding something together, and actually put the context in one place.
“So those are my hopes and dreams for how the AI…can make the social experience better.”
Of course, Meta AI isn't the only chatbot in the line-up.
Meta announced the following chatbots, with support from a whole host of top celebs:
The new chatbots are available in beta in the United States, and are expected to roll out more widely in the future.