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Google is implementing a major reorganization for its Google Assistant team, which includes layoffs. The company plans to integrate Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, with Google Assistant to enhance its capabilities.
Google Assistant has undergone regular improvements over the years, but in recent times, progress has stagnated. To address this, Google’s VP, Peeyush Ranjan, has issued a directive to integrate generative AI into Assistant’s framework in the coming months.
The restructuring involves the creation of a dedicated team within the Assistant division to integrate conversational AI with the existing Google Assistant infrastructure. The goal is to ensure that existing features are maintained while introducing new AI-powered capabilities.
This overhaul will include the integration of Large Language Model (LLM) technology, similar to what the Bard AI chatbot utilizes. As part of the reorganization, several dozen positions will be eliminated, and affected employees have already been notified with a 60-day notice.
The Google Assistant team will also undergo leadership changes, and there will be a renewed focus on integrating Bard-like technology. The email to Google employees emphasized the need for speed and focus in implementing the changes.
With these developments, Google Assistant is expected to become more conversational, capable of handling complex questions, and leveraging existing AI infrastructure to deliver a more futuristic user experience.
The upcoming months could bring significant feature announcements for Google Assistant, as the teams work towards making the necessary changes. Users can anticipate a more advanced and interactive Assistant in the near future.