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Google Bard now has a “respond in real time” option, 9to5Google reports.
Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Google. Much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bard allows you to ask questions and get help with projects and ideas, as if you were speaking to a human on a messaging app.
Typically, when you ask Bard a question there’s a delay between sending the question and a response appearing. Now, you’ll be able to ask the bot to respond as it’s creating an answer. There’s still a bit of a delay, but you’ll see a response come in line-by-line as Bard creates it.
Besides saving you time waiting for a response, the feature also has a “Skip response” button you can press if you happen to realize the response isn’t helpful and you want to bail out early.
If you’d rather wait and see answers after Bard has completed them, you can also set the chatbot to skip the real-time response feature. Tap the Settings icon and select “respond in real time” or “Respond once complete.”
In the coming months, Google is expected to roll out an updated version of Google Assistant that brings Bard’s AI capabilities to the virtual assistant. 
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