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Google has made some significant updates to its AI chatbot, Google Bard, giving it some advanced features that are not present in ChatGPT. These features helped Google Bard replace ChatGPT as the best AI chatbot.
AASHISH KUMAR JHA | Sep 16, 2023 |

Google Bard Replaces ChatGPT as the Best AI Chatbot: Check Free 10 Features of Google Bard that Beats ChatGPT
Google Bard Replaces ChatGPT as the Best AI Chatbot: The technological marvels of AI have produced two of the best AI chatbots, namely Google Bard and ChatGPT. Once ChatGPT was made available to the general public in November 2022, it was only a matter of time until rival messaging apps were also made available. Google’s response to OpenAI’s revolutionary chatbot, Bard AI, debuted in the US and UK in March 2023. Now both Bard and ChatGPT are available in almost all the major countries of the globe. After its recent update, Google Bard has emerged as the most advanced and capable AI chatbot, replacing ChatGPT from its top position.
While ChatGPT is available in both free and paid versions, Bard AI is completely free to use. The recent comparisons between the features of ChatGPT and Bard show a recognizable dominance of Google Bard over ChatGPT. The LaMDA language model from Google used to power Bard, but now PaLM 2 is used to provide replies. This Google Bard vs. ChatGPT head-to-head is all the more intriguing because Bard doesn’t always approach the questions it’s asked to respond to in the same manner because it uses different sources of information to construct its answers to ChatGPT.
In this article, we will explore the features that helped Google Bard to replace ChatGPT. These features also provide a unique user experience which is unmatchable.
1) Internet Connectivity
Google Bard is connected to the Internet, so, it provides real-time data. It can search the internet and give users detailed information regarding the recent event.
2) Summarization of Web Content
Google Bard has the unique ability to summarize lengthy web content and articles within seconds. You can ask for summarization just by dropping the link to that article in the prompt.
3) Image and Video Analysis
It is one of the most advanced features that is offered by Bard but not by ChatGPT. Bard can examine pictures and videos and give details about them. You may ask Bard to translate the words in an image or to describe the scene in an image, for instance.
4) Visual Context
Sometimes it may be possible that users can’t understand long answers. So, Google Bard has been loaded with the feature of offering useful visual context. It helps users to easily comprehend the answer. This feature is not available in the ChatGPT.
5) Multiple Response Versions
Google Bard generates multiple versions of the same answer so as to suit the needs of the users. It generates three versions of the same answer and gives users the option to choose the best version as per their requirements.
6) Prompt Sharing
This feature helps the users of ChatGPT to work in collaboration. Using this feature, users can share chats apart from sharing an individual prompt and response. This helps in team-building processes and group projects.
7) Voice Responses
Another superb feature of the Google Bard that is unavailable in ChatGPT is spoken responses. Google Bard allows users to interact with it through voice. It is helpful for users as it saves a lot of typing time and effort.
8) Export Response Texts
Exporting the response text has been made quite simpler by Google Bard. Users can easily export a response in just two clicks using the Google Bard. You can also send an email using Gmail while still using the Bard platform.
9) View Related Searches
Google Bard shows you the related searches of your prompts. It helps you to learn more about the topic and its related information. It also helps in verifying the accuracy of the presented information. Real-time web data access helps to provide more accurate responses.
9) Upload Images and Convert
Google Bard in its free version gives the option to the users to upload the images and convert the text of the images in table or in word file. But that option is not available in the Chat GPT 3.5 i.e the free version. In order to upload on Chat GPT you need to take Chat GPT’s Paid Version.
These are the latest features added by Google in its Bard AI that helped it beat its rival ChatGPT. These features are not available in ChatGPT, and some of them are not even in the paid version of ChatGPT. Google has significantly increased its investment in this area and has already released some important tool changes that go above and beyond what ChatGPT can offer.
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