GPT-4 'weeks away' as OpenAI plans ChatGPT mobile app – Tech Monitor

The next iteration of the large language AI model is likely to be exponentially more powerful than its predecessor.
By Matthew Gooding
OpenAI‘s next large language model (LLM), GPT-4, could be released in a matter of weeks and immediately incorporated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine, it has been reported. A mobile app for ChatGPT, the company’s powerful chatbot, in the near future.
By incorporating GPT-4 into Bing, Microsoft hopes to challenge Google’s dominance of search, according to the report from Semafor. It cites people familiar with the development of GPT-4 and OpenAI’s roadmap, and says the latest iteration of the model responds “much faster than the current version”, and that it is capable of much more human-sounding replies.
GPT-3, OpenAI’s most recent LLM, was first released in 2020, and is capable of automatically generating highly realistic text. The latest tweaked version of the model, GPT-3.5, is trained on 175 billion different parameters harvested from across the internet, and it has been speculated that GPT-4 could have up to 100 trillion parameters, making it several orders of magnitude more powerful.
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman appeared to shoot down this rumour in a recent interview, where he said those speculating about the size of GPT-4 were “begging to be disappointed”. He also said the model would not be released until the company was happy it was safe to do so. Restrictions have been placed on GPT-3 by OpenAI to try and stop it being used to generate hate speech or other offensive material.
ChatGPT is based on the GPT-3.5 model, and it had already been reported that the chatbot is likely to be incorporated into Bing. It has taken the internet by storm since it was released last year, and enables users to ask questions of the AI in natural language and receive detailed answers.
Microsoft has held an interest in OpenAI since providing $1bn in funding to the business in 2019. ChatGPT runs on the company’s Azure cloud platform, and last month MSFT upped its stake in the business with a new investment worth tens of billions of dollars.
The Semafor report adds that OpenAI is also planning to launch a mobile app through which users will be able to access ChatGPT. Currently, the system remains in “advanced preview” mode and can be accessed through the OpenAI website.
Testing is also reportedly underway on a new feature of OpenAI’s Dall-E AI image-generating software. This would apparently extend the platform so that it can generate videos, as well as still pictures.
Tech Monitor has contacted Microsoft and OpenAI for comment on the report.